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Delivery time extension rule

Hi everyone.
Is delivery extension results in late delivery?

I request for extension of delivery date. My customer has accepted but now he is saying that he did not have option to leave feedback. Please help. How i can get my feedback?


I hope you did not ask for feedback. That could get you in trouble! I recently placed an order, and as a buyer, I was reminded at least twice to leave feedback.

It may be that your buyer does not want to leave feedback.

It is not your feedback. It should not be expected as it is the buyer’s feedback to give or not to give.

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I asked for feedback, and he was agreed. But he us saying that he couldn’t find option at the moment…

If he ready to leave feedback, then how it is possible that he did not find option for leaving feedback?

Client is not able to give the review after 10 days from order completion date. Thank you!


Yes, You are right. Not able to put the review after 10 days of completion.

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No i completed work yesterday.

I completed work yesterday.

I asked for delivery date extention to client. He accepted happily.
Now he marked my order completed.

Now he is saying that he didn’t found option of leaving feedback on order portal.

What you think, what happened here

I think once the order is marked complete there is no option to leave feedback.

Did you bother to read reply I got from Custom Service regarding even talking about feedback with your buyer. Just yesterday day a seller on the Fiverr Forum got a warning from Fiverr because the buyer contacted CS to change a review that was lower than the buyer intended to give.

Let it go, do not pursue this matter any further or you could get a warning too!

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Nothing happened. I believe he is not able to find the place to find the review. So please ask to go to the order page then he surely will able to find it. Thank you!

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