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Delivery Time for Online Lessons

I am beginning to offer online lessons in Python and have a question about delivery time for orders.

It doesn’t really make sense to set a delivery time as it all comes down to when a customer is able to have the lesson.

What if my customer orders the 5 lesson package but has to spread those out over longer than 29 days?

For those already offering this type of service how do you handle it? Thanks in advance.


It isn’t wise for anyone to spread lessons that far apart. They wouldn’t retain it. And what you’re offering isn’t really a lesson. It’s a one on one training. Coaching. And it’s never ever a good idea to spread training and coaching sessions that far apart.

Why cater to people who want things that aren’t effective for their use of the service?

If they can’t do all sessions within a couple of weeks, they aren’t ready and they aren’t taking it seriously. How are they going to find the time to apply Python to anything of they can’t even find the time for training sessions on how to use it?


I agree that ideally coaching would be delivered close together and not spread apart. I was simply asking how do we handle setting delivery times for live services. It seems the best way to do it will be to set a fixed delivery period that is the same across all packages.


What I would do is wait until the end and then submit recordings of the videos, transcripts, etc. In one delivery.

When I’ve done consult orders, I copied and pasted our consult discussion in Fiverr chat into a document and submitted that as a delivery.


That sounds sensible, thanks for the help


You’re welcome! Glad to hear trainings work on Fiverr as I’ve been thinking of making a gig for consults via Fiverr chat as I’ve had interest in that from buyers.