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Delivery time issues


I requested additional clarification from a buyer, but the buyer did not get back to me for several days. When he did respond, he gave me an extension on the project admitting it was his fault. I delivered before the new agreed time. However, Fiverr has given me a 50% delivery which is incorrect since the late delivery was not my fault. How do I get this rectified?


you should’ve delivered anything or just a message while waiting for the buyer to comeback and when he gets back he can tell you what you need and you can work on it and he’ll understand since it was his fault, you can’t remove the delivery rate because it’s calculated by the system, just make sure you deliver all future orders on time and the rate will go up again.


Reply to @onlinedzshop: Not sure how I would deliver something that is not finished, . The buyer was fine with it, gave me an extension and and excellent rating.


Reply to @fanflare: it’s ok to deliver just a messagr saying that you need more details or a cancellation request with a message asking for more details, i think a cancellation request is better, when he gets back he can decline it and send the informations needed if he does not comeback the order will be cancelled and you avoid being late, when the buyer comes back he can make new order.


I have face this kind of problem too. its really annoying