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Delivery Time management/G. Designer + Request Revision

Hello everyone,

Fiverr is no doubt the best platform for many of us, including me.
But recent I have had real bad experience :frowning:
And I need some expert/ seniors opinion in this.
Or maybe we designers should somehow let fiverr know about this so they consider this in the next

1) Delivery Time of designers
2) Request Revisions limitation

Fiverr tells us, to provide full order submission within the given timeframe.
If we need to show a sample before actually delivering an order we should do it before the delivery time ends.
But I don’t understand in that case, how should we offer 24 hours service?

Often the buyer fails to reply back within hours, or due to timezone differences its hard to get opinions within the timeframe.

And if by some means we manage to get talking with the buyer on verification of that sample.
And god knows what the buyers thinks, and rejects that final delivery because he came up with a last minute change to it.
To that the order fails to deliver on time ( and gets marked as LATE)

_Okay and If we submit the very recent file with modification on that deliver your order button, _
we still see **" late"**

And what worse is ( if we submit any random file or rough draft) Fiverr has an issue with that too.
They gave me a warning, and when I submitted another sample they demoted me :@

I don’t understand how and what should be done in this aspect?
If someone is willing to offer 24 hours express service, and is getting say more than 15-20 orders.

How on earth is that seller supposed to manage with all this ??
All these LATE orders then haunts the sellers like if it is his fault,
Fiverr takes action againt them… for this very reason.
HIGHLIGHTING HERE : ( the buyer has no issue with those random files submissions or sample submission first and he is cooperating completing, he is not complaining the seller or Fiverr support)

Then why fiverr has a problem with it?
Isn’t a buyer seller relation supposed to be dealt between them? Just like how CS says, they can’t do anything about the review/feedback.

What more is if we request the buyer to extend the delivery time ( he replies like after 17=20 hours when the delivery time has already been reached) and again late
And if we don’t offer 24 hours service and write delivery withing 3-5 days ( the sales either falls or stops)
Because buyers love to get fast service without paying extra :no_mouth:

Due to this very reason they have demoted me for 30 days
I have lost my level, my orders were 70+ and now I have NO NEW ORDER.
My sales have been effected, stats gone down.
My gig had been lost. CS keeps telling me my profile is effected due to demotion and cancellations.

Can some senior Designer please help me with this? And Please sellers find a solution to this problem.

2) There should be a limit to" request revision button" where only those revisions should be allowed which the seller has stated in that package, if a buyer utilizes all those revisions, he should not be allowed to request a revision until he pays more for that

I have had several such bad experience, and I think many of the designers would agree to this.

where my gig offers no revisions, and the seller keeps requesting for revisions. If I tell them to pay more ( they are like : " why should they pay more, I am forcing them to upgrade, when they haven’t received what they wanted, or they ask me to refund)"
I mean seriously man ? What about all those designs that were shown to you? the time spent? and what more the concepts wasted.
_And you want a refund?

**If we contact CS in this regard, they are like its buyers wish we can’t do anything. **
And they cancel the order themselves.
And Fiverr Cancellation has a god damn effect on the profile :frowning:

I have had both the experiences, and even after getting 5 stars regularly its been 5th day and my profile
has been destroyed completely ( CS saying that cancellation delivery time has an effect on profile and they can’t help me, also they say, they can’t do anything")

Please someone help, what should I do?
My profile,gigs have been effected. I am finishing my OLD orders, no new order from 5 days, although i am getting regular reviews on them.
Still gig is not improving, no performance change :frowning_face:


You should increase your delivery time, that’s the only option.

Personally, I think the Request Revision should be grayed out, unless seller offers it - even then, it should be limited to whatever number seller sets.


I already did :frowning:
But still I think fiverr should take this barrier of from designers at least

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I AGREE exactly what I think.
Or else we will keep giving revisions even for a $5 :frowning:

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I am a buyer not a seller and because I have been a combination of new and battling illness, I did not realise I was doing exactly this, to a seller who was at all times, very gracious about it.
I felt awful when I found out they had been asking me to rate because they were being penalised, not because they thought I should rate unfinished work.
The seller was not even the person who told me. Not one complaint, and endless patience as I asked for revision after revision, that were not easy to do.

I apologised but apologies do not mean much if what is being discussed in this thread, is the outcome.
Sadly, just as we reached a final understanding, I have found they are no longer contactable, for me to tip, or get the last images from. I had tipped with a small amount once, but they deserve more.
I have no idea what happened. I may have been blocked or perhaps there is another reason … I just hope I did not mess things up even worse than i thought I had for them.

There is someone else I have been getting regular gigs through and we agree mutually, that it is OK to mark the gig as complete, if I am unable to respond in time, but I am still free to contact them and continue up to a designated time frame.
For this, i am very grateful.
A suggestion would be that you might put in your gig booking that if contact is not returned within a time frame, that this will be your action and by booking the gig, they acknowledge your rules for the booking.
I understand that us buyers really should read the rules and how things work and I will not speak for why anyone else might do this, but in my case it really was a case of being so unwell, I needed the help to get the work done and reading all the fine print, was going to mean not having the ability to search for the right seller.

Good luck with this and thank you for posting so us buyers can learn more about how to be better clients.