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Delivery time of over 7 days?

You won’t appear in the searches any more apparently.

where did you get this from Ryan?

If that is true then it is not fair. Delivery time shouldn’t have any influence on rankings I think.

If someone wants it faster it can be easily filtered.

I did a quick search and found quite a few sellers with delivery times over 7 day.

“AskZoey” appears in most of the top results for searches related to writing and she has a 21 day delivery time. (I hope this does not break the “calling out” rules on the forum. She has a good gig and it is a perfect example; nothing against her at all!)

If your gig was removed I don’t think it was related to delivery time.

markp said:
  • where did you get this from Ryan?

  • I browsed through the first 50 or so gigs, all of them had delivery times of less than 7 days when I selected the option 'all'

    The Deliver Time filter slides up to 30 days.