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Delivery Time on Gig Creation

I’m trying to create a gig, and every time I set a delivery time I get an error stating that this delivery time is no longer supported? It doesn’t matter how many days I set it to, it still gives me this error. What do I do??


Please save your documents then you can see your page with a reload please let me know if any work is done


Hi, it looks like you may have encountered a site bug. @lead_master98 makes a good suggestion, you could try to save your current progress and reload your internet browser to see if it will refresh. Your gig should be saved in the draft tab on your gig management page, but as a precaution, you may want to copy/paste all of the sections you’ve already entered into a separate file on your computer before doing a reload.


Don’t know. I think its a bug.
1 thing you can do.

make the delivery time 1 day then progress.
Then again rollback and check your desired time working or not.


@dyanak Hello, I’m curious how you came out with setting your delivery times? Did it finally allow you to complete that portion of your gig?

I wasn’t able to fix it on my iPad browser, I had to use a desktop! I think it’s a bug in that version of the site.

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In the past I have seen bugs with only certain browsers were certain menus didn’t appear and other things like that.

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Just my two cents…

What I would have done was used the same delivery window on each Gig, say, 7 days.

Then in each gig where you list extras I would have charged extra for 4 days, 3 days, 2 days delivery with the cost going up slightly for each step.

I think that shows that for faster delivery, it is goning to cost more. It’ll also make you a bit more on each Gig ordered for faster delivery.

I’m just thinking of value-added here.

I’m glad you were able to work it out :slightly_smiling_face: !!