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Delivery time


I need help.
I am new in fiverr and I set 2 days as average delivery date, and 1 day for extra $5. And now I just got an order, the clients ordered for three gigs for $15 and he sets 7 days as turnaround time.
But now fiverr said that I have 24 hours to complete it. And I am afraid of it.
So can I now edit my gig’s delivery time ?


Hello, you need to be able to deliver 3 $5 orders within 24 hours. If you can’t do this, then change your gig to one that takes less time to complete.
It’s easy to change your gig’s delivery time and is so easy that it would be best if you simply take a good look at the way you make gigs on fiverr and figure that out for yourself. Here is a hint: you press the “edit” button and use the tabs at the top.



Okay, I see what has happened here. The buyer has said that they can wait 7 days, but when they have ordered, they have ordered your standard gig with the 2 day delivery time. In this case, I would:

a. Work hard to actually get these orders done in the next 24 hours as Fiverr will penalise you for not delivering on time.


b. get at least one article done. deliver it and ask the buyer not to confirm the delivery for 2 days while you get the others done. This way your buyer will still be able to ask for revisions if they are not happy, but you get 2 extra days to work on the orders.

To avoid this happening in the future, always send a buyer a custom offer after negotiating a custom timeline for delivery.

I hope that this helps.


Send a custom offer for $5, asking for more time. You choose the extra tim you need, 1 day, 3 days, etc.

Or refund the order before you get started. Or work very hard to finish the job.


I know that but how can I expand the delivery time of my current order ?


Thank you so much.


Actually I am new here and still finding my toes.
And how do I send a custom offer ? You know the current work I got by bidding on buyer request.

  • You can send a custom offer by messaging the buyer there is a button saying “Send an offer”…
  • You can also use the order page instead to lengthen the delivery time (there is a drop down menu at the bottom of that page which says “Offer more extras”) then make a custom extra


A custom offer won’t extend the delivery time of the order he already got will it? And why would the buyer want to pay another $5 just for a longer delivery time.
I would cancel the order and then send a custom offer of the same thing with a delivery time that is longer.

I feel the best solution would be to simply deliver the total order within 24 hours.
I see no reason why you couldn’t do that.


Buyers don’t set the delivery time. That is something that you need to figure out on your gigs. I would bump the 24 hour delivery fee up a little bit, at least to 10-20 dollars. 5 is a little low and you might end up with a bunch of 5 dollar deliveries that you cannot do on time. Best wishes.


Great alternative and yes “Buyers don’t set the delivery time” reminder…


I would also push these orders to completion ASAP or before the time expires. This will actually leave a great impact on the buyer to leave a positive feedback which you in fact need.

Try to be nice and polite and just tell the buyer that you’ll actually work hard to deliver his order within 2 days or so.

Don’t be late. It counts :slight_smile:

Happy holidays all,


You cannot. There is no way for you to unilaterally expand the delivery time on an existing order.