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Delivery Times

Why do sellers get 24 hours past the deadline to deliver orders? There is no point in paying for 24 hour delivery when Fiverr gives the seller 48 hours to deliver… Might as well just get rid on express gigs at this point.

You might also consider the time zone differences when placing an express order. I know that I had to revise my 24 hour gigs because buyers would purchase in the middle of the night were I am, then if I had questions and they didn’t respond in time, the gig delivery would be late.

I know it can be frustrating as a buyer, but I think that most sellers work hard to deliver quality product within the timeline requested. You might want to consider messaging a seller prior to placing an order so that they are clear on your needs and can assure that they can meet the deadline.

In my this gig i was see “Express Delivery” button in orange color now where is gone ?