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Delivery two minutes late. Does this will affect on "Time Delivery Ratings "?

Delivery two minutes late. Does this will affect “Time Delivery Ratings”?

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Yes, this would count as a late delivery.


Late is late. Two minutes, five minutes, thirty-five minutes, it doesn’t matter. If you didn’t deliver your order on time, it will be considered late by the system.


As per I know yes it will @farrukh_bala


The best way to know for sure is to check your Orders page. If there is a warning on top of the page, it will be counted as a late delivery. Sometimes when you deliver a couple of minutes later the warning is not there yet, so you are safe, but always refrain from delivering late as it affects your gigs’ positions.

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Yes, it will.
You can contact the buyers next time to extend the time for you if you notice you can meet up with the deadline

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it will be count…late is late…thank u…

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