Delivery upload button not working


I just saw the new “project file extra” notification and I skipped it. The upload button isn’t working so I can’t deliver my gig. I managed to deliver it in the message window because they are small files but the upload in the delivery window is NOT working.


Oh, i forgot to mention. I use firefox, but also got the same result in chrome.


Update: I clicked f5 and it’s working now.


Ahhhhhh mine is also not working!!! Same issue here!


ME TOO!!! mac os 10.5.8 firefox


Same problem, but I kept clicking and finally it worked. Does anyone actually know what that “extra” is? I haven’t seen it explained anywhere.


I could get it to work but my browsers would crash when uploading my work, about 90% of the way every time, so I had to give up and use a third party host, not impressed at all :frowning: