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Delivery Uploading Progress Bar ****MUST FIX****


This bar is useless not working properly it completes before the item is uploaded I think it should be fixed atleast put a percentage by removing current progress bar…


When you upload to Fiverr you aren’t actually uploading to Fiverr. You are uploading to Amazon S3 storage. i doubt there is any way for Fiverr to be able to monitor how fast you are uploading to a service that is out of their control. It’s also likely that the information does fully upload in the time the little bar says it does. However, Amazon then needs to ‘ping’ back and say it is uploaded. That is why it takes a while for that send button to appear.


Hello my friend I am a web developer so I know how technical stuff working… whether its going to upload into AMAZON server or not, it goes through the fiverr website so there should be a proper progress bar and they have control to the file… as an example I host my website in some other server and I am adding a file uploading feature to a component I am still able to add a progress bar whether the file is uploading to another server. your theory is correct if the use a iframe but its not our delivery files are going THROUGH fiverr so Fiverr still has the ability to make a progress bar…


Reply to @ryangillam: Sorry but the way you think is WRONG!