Delivery work video with a video-software Watermark


Hi, i am here to ask a really simple question and found no-guide elsewhere, i have a Delivery video of a website design in .mp4 format which have a watermark of the third-party software used to make that video, can i deliver this work video? is fiverr allow this? this video will go in my gig portfolio with that watermark showing. shall i upload this video with the watermark or upgrade to premium package of that software and remove that watermark and then deliver?


No - your buyer will be expecting a video without any watermark.

Yes. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thankyou for your opinion, one more question related to it, if we forget for an instance about the buyer, and when this video will go in my gig portfolio, will fiverr be okay with that watermark or i will be disobeying any rules? i am thinking that maybe fiverr see it as a advertisement of that particular software, i hope you are getting my query.


Forget everything else - why would your buyer want a video with a watermark advertising the fact you haven’t paid for the upgrade of the software?

What buyer would possibly want a video with somebody else’s watermark on it? Your buyer’s needs come before what you or Fiverr would want to see in your portfolio. If it did go in your portfolio with the watermark, all your other potential buyers would see you’re using trial software and not the paid version. Would you really want that?


i think i completely get your meaning, i really appreciate your positive suggestion. Now, i can see myself buying that software’s premium version.


Hope it works out well for you. :slightly_smiling_face: