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Deluge inappropriate and "Hi" messages. Help?

I have worked on Fiverr for about a year and a half. I know that I will always get messages from spammers to some extent. Since the pandemic started, I get three times as many messages with the person just saying “Hi” or some form of a greeting. I have been called racial slurs (yes, reported) because I wouldn’t “let” people work “for” me or I wouldn’t communicate off of the Fiverr platform. Is this influx of messages happening to anyone else? I talking like 5-7 messages a day. All of which I have to read and respond to keep my stats up…

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You don’t have to respond. Just report and block them.

I can report messages that just have the word “Hi” in them? I thought I would get in trouble for that…

Also, when did Fiverr become a dating site? People telling me that I am hot and they want to meet me. What is the end game for these people?

I wish I had their amount of time to waste…

You can just mark it as spam and there won’t be any problem with your response rate. Or, you could just reply them once and let them keep talking to themselves.

However, sometimes, you can get “serious” buyers who start with “Hello” or “Hi.”

You never know.

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I usually reply: Hi! Thanks for contacting me. How may I help you?

8 out of 10 times there is no reply…I have gotten a serious buyer or two from “Hello’s.” I am just wandering if I am the only one experiencing this uptick in weird messages.


Yes, it’s always worth replying with that exact message or similar. I usually wait until the second message to decide if a person is a waste of space or not.

By replying it ensures that out stats are protected, and sometimes genuine buyers open up on receiving a response.

I’m not saying it’s usual, but I’ve certainly had a few buyers respond very politely and very eloquently after I’ve replied “how can I help?” - and that’s led onto very worthwhile and hassle free orders.


I agree. I just have to make up a “copy and paste” form greeting so I can save time. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile: