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Demand inquiries and marketability / Japan ~

Hi Fiverrs, I am rather new here and have a general question. I am living in Japan and wonder how to research if there is a product or service which could be provided for any interested buyers. I have some gigs posted but two are basically just for fun and the other is to create a career opportunity for individuals.

How is the best way to find out if anyone even needs or wants anything from Japan?

Happy gigin ~

Hi, there’s a very successful top rated seller from Japan, Zeus…maybe you should ask her.

Hello, the best way to find out if anyone wants anything from Japan is to create some gigs and see if anyone buys them. It will be up to you to come up with ideas for what might be something buyers want. The great thing about fiverr is that it costs nothing to try.

You could post weird Japanese F&B to people, like Pocari Sweat?

Maybe you can try some Japanese-English translation services? Just an idea!

My gigs got zero replies ~ lucky me huh?

Try other things. Figure out what is popular, what buyers want. I can think of several things Japanese that are popular now but I want YOU to do that. Hunt around on the internet and do searches.