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Demande of Collaboration

Hi Everybody,

My name is Aymen, I’m a good guy who can do some good stuff in Graphic design and Branding based in South West Tunisia.
I want to know if anybody wants to collaborate with me on fiverr.

Best regards,

Asking other people if they will give you some of their hard-earned work is terribly rude. Be a professional, and learn how to market, earn, and complete your own orders.


I’m not asking other people if they will give you some of their hard-earned. I’m doing design, and I’m looking for copywriters, voice over professionals, etc…
I already have a good client base, All what I need is to contact professionals on the forum instead of buying their gigs on fiverr.

Thank you for being so offensive to me. that was so impolite.

I was not impolite, I was matter-of-fact. Fiverr is not really designed to be a seller-to-seller collaborative site. It is designed to allow buyers to hire individual sellers/accounts to complete individual projects/orders. If you need to work with multiple sellers for multiple services, you can place an order from each of those sellers until you have the full scope of a project completed.

Sellers aren’t going to give away their services for free – either to buyers, or another seller that would rather “contact professionals on the forum, instead of buying their gigs”.

If you want/need work from a seller, you’re going to have to purchase it.

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