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Demanding a 5 star!

I rated a seller, the job was a drawing, quick response when I contact him first on how much it would cost me and if he could do it.
and he gave me a draft, but I accepted the offer.
(of course the draft had fiverr watermark on it)

on the job page, there was a few issues and I raised my questions right and his response was he wanted me to complete the order, and said I can have the files after I complete the order. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to do anything if he didn’t provide me if I accepted the order. Anyway I wanted to complete the order and I didn’t want to argue.

by this point I wasn’t going to give him a 5 star, isn’t that subjective anyway

I gave him a 4.3 star, and he went OFF in my inbox about the 4.3 star! he felt it is unfair to him!
I mean, wow?

just what is a better way to ordering on fiverr.
I mean buyers should be fair as well, but if we are uncertain, we cannot just ‘‘accept’’ the work because then wouldn’t the seller have the right to ignore our further requests and be like, that was the file you accepted.


and now he is asking me to response to him and wants me to amend my rating or tip him!
doesn’t he know it is against the rules

I don’t even want to be nasty to him, I just want him to stop messaging me

Please report the seller to CS - they shouldn’t be behaving like that.

Asking for a 5 star review is against the ToS.

The Fiverr watermark is added by Fiverr to all deliveries and is removed when you complete the order, but there’s nothing to stop you asking for revisions after that if the seller offers them. By asking for a revision the job isn’t completed until you accept a further delivery, so the seller won’t actually be paid unless you choose to complete it or it auto-completes 3 days after the last delivery.

Added - this will give you more info - the part about watermarks is at the bottom of the page:


Please Report his/her . Keep Fiverr as a Great website

He demanding five star rating, that is against fiverr TOS

About this - :sunny: :bulb:

I had an experience, I’ve worked with him before, he owes me $10 , he disappeared taking the work. The problem is, I was new and I didn’t take the order. This is what happened.

Now Do you want your security of work or not. You worked for it. You deserve the money and rayting**


I know I can report him, and there is proof in my mailbox

I want to warn him against bothering me further on tipping & 5star. meh

maybe he should have told all his potential customers he will take nothing less than a 5 star

I’m sorry but this sounds like an extremely inexperienced seller.

Can you tell us how many reviews this seller had? You really need to be careful about who you choose just like on any other site or store in real life.

he had 7 reviews all 5stars :frowning: :laughing:

7 but can i block him

I think you can block him only if you report him; when you click the report icon, it will ask for a reason and let you tick “I don’t want to be contacted by this user”.

I agree with a few others that a behaviour like that should be reported, though, anyway.
Asking for a review is one thing, demanding a 5* review and a tip is quite another thing.

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ah I see…

I don’t know the etiquette here, I mean, is it an etiquette to always give 5 star on a completed order…

Too full of himself. I agree the all the comment above.
Should report seller to CS for bad behaviour.
This situation will make buyer more hesitate to give new seller opportunity.
Shame on him!

It is not. You should be able to give any rating you feel is appropriate.

The thing is, anywhere else, a 4.3 rating would be perfectly fine, but on Fiverr, sellers with an overall rating that’s less than 4.8 in the last 60 days get punished, so some of them panic.

Of course, Fiverr’s flawed system isn’t your fault, but I hope it explains why some sellers do what they do.


You shouldn’t feel bad if you felt that the seller deserved the 4.3 rating. Like others said, sellers are not allowed to ask for a specific rating or for a tip.

Talk with CS, they are able to help you out on this. :+1:

No it’s not, but as a buyer you also need to learn how the buying/selling process works with the watermarks etc.

It might be that your seller was explaining how images etc. are watermarked before the order is accepted and you took offence to that, when it is in fact put there by Fiverr to protect sellers’ work It was after that you decided to give 4.3 stars rather than 5 as i read it?

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I highly recommend that you always aim for level one sellers or anyone with more than 50 reviews. As for blocking him you can do that if you have the Fiverr mobile app.

It’s not, but if the seller delivers everything that was agreed on in a professional etiquette and quality on time then you should probably leave a 5 star review, If you feel that their communication was lacking or if the quality of the final product wasn’t up to par or didn’t meet the standards established before starting the order then you should leave a lower review.

Fiverr is a great place with some amazing talent but you will have to look for it which again is just like every other freelancing site.

A Tip For The Future:

Always talk about the project or anything related to your project with every potential seller to see whether they’re as good as their reviews make them out to be.


no, we had no issue on the watermarks. i meant when I approached him with my idea to check his price, he did a draft, and I know all drafts comes with the watermark and only when i accepted the work on the order page then the watermark is gone.

anyway he was quite impatience, and kept asking if he can send me the offer.
I accepted the offer and I sent him qns on the order page, and he was replying with ''complete the order & you will get the files" I had to trust he would keep his word.

and asking me for a tip because I didn’t give him 5 star

well, I had no idea how a 5 star vs a 4.8 or a 4 works for sellers… :frowning_face:

I agree that the seller should not have reacted like that to you, but the review system is very important to sellers becuase Fiverr is so competitive. I am a voice over talent, and there are literally thousands of other voice talents on Fiverr, so getting a 5-star review is really important to maintaining your rank in the search so your gig is seen and gets traffic. I think that is why he was upset that you gave him a 4.3 star review. I would have been disappointed too, but I would not have gotten angry at the buyer. This is a SERVICE ORIENTED business! I would have contacted you and POLITELY asked what I could have done to make my service a better experience.

Of course What we are supposed to do is OVER DELIVER! Add value! Don’t just give you a drawing, deliver early, give an alternate version, something to set you apart. Our service needs to EXCEED your expectations so a 5 star review is in the bag. That’s how its done!

I’m sorry you had this experience.