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Demanding Buyers: They act like if they would be paying U$1000


Hello everybody, this is my first post here and I want to share with you something that had happened to me several times and I would like to know if I am the only one.

I have been working on Fiverr for two years or more and is excellent, I love it, usually my clients love my work but sometimes I have had very demanding buyers, you know, those who give you a big list of requests and sometimes even when you do your best, they reply with something like “oohhh i don’t like it” or “if you change this I will leave you an excellent feedback” or “this is not what i wanted but if you do it again I will be satisfied”… And I use to be very polite but sometimes I would like to say them: “Heyyy, come on… You are paying just $5, if you want something better don’t be cheap and hire a professional model”… LOL

But, this is just with the 5% of the buyers I have had, usually the users are really nice. I would like to know about your experiences.


I have had only a couple like this thankfully. My top gig is posting ads to Craigslist, so I already understand there is a chance of having to re-post ads often (Thanks Craigslist for being a pain). I usually try doing my best work even if that includes re-working at times. However, if I did deliver something as requested and what they are asking will take me a while to re-work I have offered a refund a couple times.

Usually the harder orders have came from people who message me first explaining what they need and asking how many orders I would like to do the job. If somebody was willing to order multiple gigs for the service, I’m much more willing to re-work until they are 100% for sure.


Yes, I’m agree with you. It happened to me more than once in the “creative” gigs, I’m a graphic designer, I know what I’m doing when I design something and I follow all the requirements of the clients. I send the mockup so they can say if some minor changes are needed… No minor changes, just change the whole work making the exact design they want… so they don’t need a graphic designer, just a person who know the use of the graphic design software. The final work in most of those cases are a complete graphic design disaster…


I’ve had a couple of those buyers. Most of the time I tried to please them. But there’s a few times I gave the similar "“Heyyy, come on… You are paying just $5, if you want something better don’t be cheapskate and hire a professional” respond LOL!


I get all kinds of frustrating customers… Those that want me to do heaps of work for the same fiverr rate, those that want a bulk discount or want me to omit the licensing fee so they can sell my work without compensating me… Then I get people who ask me to do things that are just impossible, like the customer who contacted me to ask how many four leaf clovers I had. When I messaged him back with “about 20”, he said, ok, I need 200 and I need you to charge me $3 each for them instead of $5. I was like “I don’t have 200, I have 20. Did you mean 20? Also, I don’t offer a bulk discount on my clovers.” He goes “No I need 200, and I need them in a special custom frame that’s 3 x 3”. How long would it take you to obtain 200 four leaf clovers?"

So let’s see… You not only want ten times more of my product than I have, you also want me to sell them to you for cheaper than what they’re listed at AND you want me to custom frame every single one of them for you, all that after magically convincing Mother Nature to let me find 180 more four-leaf clovers…

Yeah, this order is totally gonna happen.


I had a guy that wanted a photo edited. No problem. It was of his office building and I took out some power lines, cleaned it up and even fixed the sparse lawn. He sent it back saying the building looked dirty, etc. I wanted to say, “Hey, go hire a power washer and clean it up.” LOL I never could please him.


This happened to me when I was offering graphic design services on Fiverr. People wanted me to provide the royalty free photos and expensive fonts and multiple revisions for gigs. I made a lot of money, but I also discontinued the gigs because it was not really worth all the hassle.


So I’m an illustrator, not one of those who put images through my photoshop and tada a drawing - I do everything by hand. Then I get these chops who expects me to perform some kind of a miracle from a 25kb blurry image…what’s up with that?! At least 90% of my buyers are awesome but here and there you get the stingy nut who wants to squeeze as much as he can plus more outa that $5 he’s paying


I’ve had two already, one 400 word testimonial where I used an alternative name to my own and buyer requested a reshoot, I think what name I use should really be up to me, whether I use a nom de plume or not shouldn’t be an issue, should it?

Another where I did 11 x 50 word testimonials in my usual style to specification but buyer wanted a slightly wider angle shot and a ‘whiter’ background to the white one I have already used despite my insistance that the shot would be as my sample video was.

Still trying to think how to resolve both these issues, any suggestions? both orders are worth quite a lot of money as I charge one gig per 50 words, but i’m going to struggle to find the time to do these reshoots in the gig time remaining.


I’ve had my share of those types of buyers but usually I just keep calm and clear things up on my gig details. I’ve noticed some buyers like to take advantage of my extra $5 gigs to take multiple orders instead of separately purchasing a gig and that stresses me out because I can lose track of my work. so,.I always mention in details what I can offer and what I’m not offering. I’ve also kindly requested they cancel orders due to what they wanted wasn’t something I could do for them and also because they didn’t read my gig details.


There are always going to be people that want something for nothing, and then are never satisfied. I usually offer one (1) redo, then they must reapply for a new Gig. I try and over deliver on a redo, just so they know I tried my darnedest to satisfy them for $5.00. Most are appreciative of that, but like I say, some others are never satisfied.


There’re few demanding people anywhere, and on Fiverr some people might be acted as if they paid $1000 for the service :smiley:

Actually, this kind of buyers are predictable. They usually asked their long-detailed instructions when they give the information we need (like they don’t trust the seller can do right, so they have to explain everything in advance).

I agree with @fraiselunatic01 that if the request are too high, then just dispute it.


I know right?

I once had a buyer blackmail me on a drawing, or else they’d leave a negative comment. I mean, come on, we’re really afraid of those yellow negative signs, but Fiverr should really give sellers the ability to remove those comments if they were truly unfair comments. After I got that ONE negative review, I had not had a buyer since, and I got 10 buyers for the first time, then she came along.

I really wish that hadn’t happened. It’s been weeks!


Reply to @ajdrawings: If the negative review was left unfairly - and if she was trying to blackmail you into more work just to prevent the negative review, I would say it’s unfair - Fiverr CS are usually pretty good at having the review removed. I’ve had cases where buyers have left a negative review for no reason other than the buyer trying to get something for free or trying to harm me and I’ve ended up speaking to Fiverr CS about it. A buyer has a right to leave an honest review but not to blackmail anyone into more work.


The 70% of my buyers are like this. for 5$ they want me to make them about 15 examples of logo designs, and there were only couple of buyers to give me extra money. I had once client like that and i told him if he want more professional, unique, branded logo he go to the sites who sell only logos, and the prize is 200$ and more.


Sine this happens so infrequently, I tend to just smile and do what i can to accommodate them. In many cases when I have just gone the extra mile, I received a tip at the end.


I think most graphic design clients tend to be discriminating. I sometimes think Of saying they should just go to a big design agency, but what the heck I’m just angering myself - so what I do is just do my best, take all their requirements and wish they would recognize the hardworking I’ve put into their logos


I hear you all on this one. :slight_smile: My book trailer gig does pretty well, and sometimes I get the overly demanding buyer. I do everything I can to accommodate, and my family tells me I’m too nice! LOL

I’m learning to become stronger as a seller in turning down unreasonable requests, but I still do everything I can to please the buyer. One of my biggest issues is music use. I don’t think people quite understand that I can’t just slap any piece of music onto a trailer and give it to them to promote something they’re selling (a book). There are royalty and copyright issues, and if the wrong person sees their song used in a promotional video, it could get ugly.

Buyers usually like it that I offer to find photos for them too, but I had a person once that only wanted a specific type of thing as far as images go (not mentioning what it was, to help with privacy and all that), but there are very few royalty-free images available for it, and the ones I found weren’t what she was looking for. I finally had to ask her to have a look around for herself since I obviously couldn’t find what she was looking for. We did eventually come to a mutual agreement, and everything worked out great. :slight_smile:

And oh…maybe a little tip for anyone looking to have a book trailer made - most viewers don’t have the patience or attention span to stare at a plain black image for more than a couple of seconds (if that) while listening to someone drone on in the background. You may think it’s dramatic, but the audience finds it boring.

Then of course there are those that want fifty do-overs, the wording “fixed” multiple times (even when I copy and paste it directly from the script they sent me)…and the ones that ask my opinion because they don’t know what they want, but no matter what I tell them, they do exactly the opposite every time.

But what do you do? It’s their video, after all. If it becomes too demanding and time consuming, I ask them to buy another gig.

So yes, bend over backwards to help your customers, but don’t bend yourself out of shape. Learn how to be strong and say enough is enough, and take your bad experiences with a grain of salt. The good ones always far outweigh the bad ones. :slight_smile:

goodgift said: My book trailer gig does pretty well, and sometimes I get the overly demanding buyer. I do everything I can to accommodate
I do the same thing, just smile and over deliver


I know I have to push overly demanding sellers, but sometimes I just find it hard to say no :(|)