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Demanding/frustrating buyers

How do you handle a demanding or frustrating buyer?

I have had buyers that can’t find the gig page, can’t download the work I have sent them, want revisions after my deadline, ask for additional revisions, don’t read the messages I send, and generally are just not paying attention.

It’s a fine line between helping them understand and being taken advantage of.

Those who “can’t find the gig page” and “can’t download the work” are often new to Fiverr and not too advanced when it comes to technology. You absolutely don’t have to deal with their issues if you don’t have time or they are otherwise annoying (send them to FAQs and forums maybe, you have all the rights to do so), but sometimes taking a couple of minutes to explain the stuff yourself converts these guys into long-term clients.

For those who over-demand and take too much of your time for no apparent reason, cancellation or never working with them again seem viable…

I communicate with buyers on the gig page, which is what I assumed was appropriate behavior. After a job is finished, I have had buyers ask for additional revisions, revisions I asked them about on the gig page. When I mention that I delivered the item on the gig page, they say they can’t find it and can I just send them the file in the inbox.

Apparently once the gig is closed, the buyer can’t get back to the gig page?

I usually end up having to mutually cancel or withdraw my offer mainly because they have no idea how to use Fiverr properly, even after I’ve hyperlinked the FAQ and instructions on how to use it, atm I’m still waiting for one client to send me the requirements to start the gig, this is the most frustrating thing, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve had to nudge a buyer or send polite reminders to them to send this info so I can actually start the gig!

The thing is, many buyers here are both bad with technology AND unwilling to make any effort, so your choice is either to explain every step or give up on a client and move on.

I really DO feel for you, such things get extremely frustrating, especially over busy periods.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong given you’re communicating politely and professionally, and how you handle a particular buyer depends on a particular situation. Sometimes moving on is the best option!

Yes! Then you nudge them and they have no idea what you’re asking for! I try to be polite and courteous, but sometimes, I just want to scream!

So once you deliver the gig the buyer cannot get back to the gig page? That’s the first time I’ve thought about that.

They ended up sending me the gig and weirdly I got the your delivery is late message but not even 24 hrs had past, I think something went wrong with that order, I ended up sending the gig but it made me scratch my head as to how it could even remotely be late? :confused:

I have more a bone to pick with buyers who take advantage on purpose, while knowing exactly what they’re doing. I don’t mind helping out as long as that person isn’t trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

Buyers who are lost, navigation wise - help them! A little friendliness goes a long way. It might influence them to become your repeat customer. Buyers who ask for a little extra - why not give them the extra if it’s not a huge deal? Then there’s always additional orders for larger revisions. If a buyer doesn’t pay attention, do your best to deal with what they will pay attention to, and let the details play themselves out. If they provide nothing - cancel the order, don’t stress out about it!

As a seller, you have to be malleable. Most buyers are not so bright, unfortunately.

As a buyer, I’ve had no problem getting back to gig pages after an order has long since been completed. I can’t send a message to the seller through the gig page, after it’s done, but I can still send a message through the other messaging system, if needed. I’ve done that a couple times (Generally along the lines of “Are you available to take on another gig?”).

As for missing messages the OP mentioned, the messaging system has been unreliable for years, and is likely to remain so. It’s quite possible that some of the “unreadable” messages never arrived.

This is good to know. I haven’t bought any gigs on Fiverr, so I wasn’t sure what was going on there. I tried giving them the link to the job, but the seller said it just took her back to :confused:

I try to help. Sometimes, it’s quite frustrating! Especially when they claim you didn’t send them the product or they don’t respond to messages about clarification on a job.

I will keep trying!

Well at least they can’t give you a bad rating if they can’t find the gig page :smiley:

So if a buyer is trying to get back to the gig page of an order I’ve closed, how would they go about doing that? I’d like to know so I have some direction to give them.