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Demanding skills

What are the most demanding skills nowadays on fiverr

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The ones that you are really good at.


ANY type of skills are welcome ( and will sell ) as long as the seller is indeed skilled.


According to me, the ones which are the top grossing are-:

  1. Logo Design
    2.Whiteboard and Animated Explainers

Which are the most crowded categories and the most people we see on the forum complaining about not having sales are logo designers.


But I have read at many blogs that Logo desigers are the highest grossing category on fiverr
And because they are highly grossing,it is an obvious thing,
They will have more competition

Growing in terms of designers, the more designers you have, the less orders per designer will be. Simple math. It doesn’t mean that al designers will get those “gross earnings”. Most designers will still be left behind.

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I think you need to work on your english,


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