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Demo then dropped contact

So I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue but I’ve had folks ask for a demo, just one that’s short enough to know it’s not the whole thing. I send it but then when I ask for feedback or what they thought of it, nothing. Just no reply. It’s just odd to me as I’d expect a GREAT I love it or it’s not what I’m looking for but 9 times out of 10 I just don’t hear a thing back. Anyone else have this problem?

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Yup, and it’s the reason why we no longer provide custom demos (unless the project is of a huge value, and we get proof of that up-front). We usually just advise people to listen to the demos on our page, or send them our showreels if they insist on having something downloadable.

I’d bet money that whenever this is happening to you, your demo is one of many that the client has collected to send to their client to audition. Their client picks their favourite, informs your buyer, and your buyer engages that seller. If they’re professional, they might come back and let you know that your demo wasn’t picked, but most don’t.

We’ve actually had to block someone recently, as we realised they’d asked for a demo 8 times over the past couple of years, but never actually bought anything. At that point, the ‘buyer’ isn’t actually a buyer, and is just a drain on our resources.


that’s mental! I’ve had folks want revisions on a demo and I just had to tell them, that’s a demo. I’d be happy to get you the full thing once you order but then it’s nothing but crickets after that