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Demoted and gig removed from search after fiverr accidently gave me a warning

So, I recieved my second account warning for no reason the other day.

I contacted fiverr support and they said it was a mistake and removed the warning.

The problem is. Ever since the warning, I’ve been demoted and my gig has been removed from search :confused: All my stats are good, the demotion is from the warning. The warning isnt there any more as it says “days since last warning 30+” now but the consequences of the warning still are .

FFS. I just lost my entire income becuase fiverr made a stupid mistake.


Have you pointed this out to them?

Not that you should need to but it will be interesting to see if they can/will adjust those Stats that you done someone wrong when in fact you did not.

This sort of stuff in-action day after day is why I have lost a lot of interest in Fiverr.



After much back and forth I got my level two badge back…

But my gig is still removed from search. They keep saying it’s fine and searchable but its ABSOLUTLY NOT. And they say that its nothing to do with the warning, all my gigs are active and fine. But it clearly is because my gig disappeared straight after the warning FFS.

The problem is they don’t even check if your gig is in search or not. The system just says “active” and they like yeah it’s okay. But it’s glitching. It says “active” but it’s nowhere to be seen and it’s been like this since the warning. So it is clearly the warning.

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What is the reason for this?

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I don’t know. They said I made a general TOS violation but after checking the message logs realized they’d made a mistake.


Honestly, unless Fiverr pulls up their socks, I think their days at the top of mind for online freelancing are over. They already have a reputation for being a quagmire or unprofessionalism but unless they sort their ducks into a neat (and morally supportable) line, they will become more of a laughingstock and even desparates will avoid.

Honestly the Forum was the only part of Fiverr I was really enjoying and that is badly dented now so…




Message from support above


That’s strange usually, and you will get an email explaining the violation.

So your gig remove from search engine right away? This is not acceptable. Contact them again

yes straight after the warning.

I’ve explained that its not in search at all and they are telling me it’s fine and nothing to do with the warning >:/

I’ve tried again explaining it is absolutley not in search and they can check themselves, it must be a glitch because it says “active” but is ltierally on none of the pages.

And it happened straight after the warning after 3 years of being in the same place so it was clearly the warning / demotion that caused this!

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