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Demoted because of cancel order that actually wasn't my fault

A month ago I was suppose to be promoted to next level but due to one cancel order that was placed by the buyer without even contacting me and the order even wasn’t related and the buyer insisted me to complete the task that wasn’t even related to my services. This was a strange thing for me that fiverr should look into. Buyers most of the time abuse the privileges for their own benefits and the seller alone has to suffer. this is really something that should be worked on. Plus there should be a proper online support team or help desk on fiverr. The support team sometimes reply even after many days.


This belongs under the Ranting Pot category.


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Had the same problem. Buyer placed a massive order without even asking me if I was available first, which my gig politely requests.

In this case I asked to cancel, but I still lost my Level 2 ranking because this fool didn’t read the gig and actually think to contact me first.


Buyers are not obliged to contact you first. The whole concept of Fiverr is that buyers can just place orders and get what they need.