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Demoted for no reason, and with no explanation


Recently i delivered a Gig (it was about some settings in a Gmail account - add one more account under his main gmail one).
i completed everything, with screenshots, proofs, etc but the seller had an issue with his domain provider (his domain inbox could not receive any email for some reason).

He ask me to fix that as well, but i explain to him that i can not do that, since it is illegal to present my self as him.
He needs to contact his domain admin and tell him to fix the issue (or pay any bills he have unpaid!!!)

Because of that he reported my gig as undelivered and automatically i lost my status!

I contact support and after a very long meaningless discussion back and forth, they still did not respond to me why i was actually demoted.
At first they kept insisting that i did not complete the order (i explain 5 times that i did).
After that they said that i did not provide proof of completion (which i did and send them 3 times the same screenshots until they actually did the effort to SEE the screenshots).
And after that… they stop responding!

They NEVER told me why i am demoted.

I keep asking for a response on WHY, since i provide proofs that i complete the gig at 100%, at least to understand what is the issue, so i will not repeat it again and they still not responding to my question.

If this is fair to you, simply because a customer did not want to pay 5usd since i did not agree to commit fraud, fraud through YOUR platform, then i have no words!


When you used the delivery button what exactly did you deliver? Any type of file?

I doubt if you were demoted because you refused to impersonate him to his service provider. It must have been something about the actual delivery, when you used the delivery button.


I’m sorry this happened to you, but this is forum, and forum users are sellers and buyers, not Fiverr employees (and I doubt that the owner of Fiverr reads the forum, either).


I just now looked at your gig, and also again at your question. You are in a difficult situation when you have a gig promising to consolidate every email into one gmail account. You ran into something that put you into a bad situation, and yet that seems to be what you are describing unintentionally in your gig.

You should have a little disclaimer line in your gig description that says you will not be able to move all email accounts into gmail in all cases.

Fiverr is a stickler for accuracy in gig descriptions and if there is some sort of problem like the one you described you can get caught in the middle, as you did.


The problem described by the OP implies suggests that the buyer is having difficulty configuring his email to send and receive via Gmail. This is a different issue and one completely unrelated to the sellers delivery. It is like someone delivering a website but a buyer not being able to configure their DNS settings.

One just hopes that buyers don’t start seeing this forum as a toolbox for what to say to CS to get work for free and ruin seller reputations.


I read between the lines and it seems like it might be a problem of the buyer either sending spam and having his email account blocked by his domain host, or not paying his bill and having it blocked until he pays.

This would be beyond the scope of the OP’s service. He is bound to encounter things like that in his gig now and then, so that’s why I suggested the disclaimer.

He is correct that he cannot contact the domain host pretending to be the buyer.


Scammers are probably already doing it. There are plenty of sellers explaining in detail how they got scammed, thus giving new scammers instructions.

Not that they really need this forum for that, with all the books explaining how to manipulate freelancers and get them to work for free. The only advantage that this forum has over those books is that it’s Fiverr-specific, though there probably are Fiverr-specific books on that topic out there, too.


One tried to scam me and I refused to allow it. That won’t work in other situations but I’m happy about the outcome. He’s gone from fiverr also. :woman_mage:

In the OP’s situation there might be some other details we don’t know about as that’s a harsh penalty he received.


Crystal… no other small details between the lines.

You saw my Gig. My job was THAT exact thing (and i have no problem at all to upload screenshot from all messages between me, the buyer and the Fiverr support team).
You will definitely lose faith in this website and the support team’s combined IQ level, if you see those!

Their OBLIGATION, as Fiverr, is to READ and comprehend what the buyer/seller is saying, and act accordingly!
If i did something wrong, i need an explanation so i will not do that again!
If they just listen ONLY the buyers-scammers, then they will lose more and more sellers from this website.
Apparently they don’t realize that this platform is live and profitable mainly BECAUSE of those sellers!

In the end of the day, since they have nothing to add because they are WRONG and they finally know it, I m left with a lower seller level, for which i spend a LOT of time to acquire, and that buyer is free to scam other sellers as well!

Good job fiverr support team!


How do you know it was because of that one thing? Did CS tell you that was why? At what point did he ask you to do that? Before the order? In the requirements section? As you were working on the order? These are the kind of details I mean.

Or was it after the delivery you made?

Did he fully explain the situation with his domain host provider? Was he direst and honest about it from the beginning? Did you have a chance to cancel the order before you began to work on it?

I wasn’t aware there was a way to transfer email that was sent to a domain to your google email? There probably is?


CS first told me that i did not complete the order. I send them many responses that was proving that i actually did complete what my was about, but they didn’t read or see those screenshots. After a LOT of tries they finally read what ever i was telling them, saw the screenshots and stop answering since they realize that i actually DID complete the order.
And if CS is stop responding to your support request, you suddenly realize that unfortunately this is not a very serious department!

The buyer provide the required details to link the accounts.
I did and then i notice that there is an issue with the other side (domain side).
I actually troubleshoot the whole thing for free, in order to pinpoint the issue and i reply to the customer the details and what he needs to do in order to fix it!
He asked me to fix it myself and i explain to him, long story sort, that this is basically a fraud since i need to talk to the other company pretending that i am him, discuss about financial stuff, GDPR data, etc so this is not possible to be done from my end.
His reply was “i dont think that this gig is completed”, he change his passwords (so i can no longer go in and change anything back to how it was before) and after that he stop responding.
I couldn’t cancel the order since he already got what he wanted from me!
And if i cancel the order, first of all i lost my time, my fee and i will mess up my stats!
So in the end i deliver the gig because we had only 2-3 left.
He waited 3 days, so the order will automatically accepted as completed and then he reported me.

He knew EXACTLY what he was doing!
So…direct and honest? Definitely no!

And yes, you can connect your accounts under gmail (it will use gmail as a client) so you can send and receive messages from all of your accounts, from inside that one gmail window.


Ok I understand. It does sound like an impossible task then.


So the question is… what can Fiverr do about it?

Probably nothing? They don’t really care?
And if thats the case… what are we, as sellers, still doing here?
Why we should help this website to profit from us?
This is not a safe environment!!