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Demoted from level 1


Hello Guys,

I Got demoted from level 1 after this month evaluation, my score is 88% for “Delivered on time” which leads to lost my badge.
Any tips for getting the badge again ? Also, would like to ask I am near close to level 2, So in next evaluation if everything goes well, then I would get L1 or L2 ? I mean is it something like you will first get L1 then only you can go to L2 or if all criteria met, then you will be directly promoted to L2 ?

PS: I’m not disappointed because I know I will be even more better next time, its just because 1 order got delayed. Thanks!


Isn’t it obvious enough?

You lost your level due to delivering your orders late…

Just do a better job of planning your work and complete your orders on time and you will get your level back.

Yep, if you are zero level right now, I think you will first have to be promoted to level 1 in the next SLD and, hopefully, level 2 in the next SLD after that.


Yes, this is obvious, I am not asking why I demoted. My question was regarding the L1 or L2 in next phase. Btw thanks for your reply.

Are you sure about that ? Why someone will start from L1 again if they fulfill L2 criteria ?

Mod Note: Incorrect posts were removed. Sellers must move through the levels in order when demoted, not skip levels. (This could change in the future but it is currently correct.)


You had asked

To this :arrow_up: I had replied :arrow_down: When I asked “isn’t it obvious?” I was referring to how obvious the next step was – for you to take to get your level back.

Regarding the levels, I am pretty sure that’s how it is because you cannot just jump across levels even if you already have the requirement for a higher level. There is only one route (which goes through each level… one after the other… in a straight line).


Chill man… I just asked apart from what I know is there anything else I can do get badge again ? I know delivering on time is one of them.