Demoted from Level 2 seller, because of response rates


I’ve been on Fiverr for 2-3 years. And the response rate system feels clunky and unnatural.

In order to maintain an above 90% rate, you have to be robotic. I have to respond to spam and “thank you” making the whole process unfair. From now on, I will be spamming the spammers with this:

“This is an obligatory message I HAVE to send you because Fiverr is forcing me to respond to you in order to maintain my level 2 badge, EVEN if this is totally unnecessary. Thank you.
P.S- Don’t respond back, because I’ll have to respond back as well. Vicious circle, I know”


We no need to respond every time.

Respond faster at new message. You can see clock symbol at new message. That’s will count our rate. No pressure at old message. Old message not count at our respond rating.


Like alifstyle said,
We only need to reply the first contact message we got,
after 2-3 years on fiverr…, usually we can notice with this system…, right???


I’m sorry to hear this @georkours.

I’m not sure whether you’re serious about sending that message or not, but in the case you are serious, I would recommend cutting out the ‘Fiverr is forcing me’ part to play it safe (even though we all know that they are). Sellers are getting warnings and being banned for all sorts of trigger words nowadays. Just keep reporting the spam as spam. I think once you report the message as spam, it won’t affect your response rates.



What is demoted?


The opposite of ‘promoted’ - being dropped down a level.


Hey, Rid, my man, I know. I was been sarcastic. I don’t respond to spammers. Regardless of how long it takes to NOT respond to them lol :joy:


Thank you. I was being facetious about the message, I won’t actually send it lmao.


Hello brother , when u didn’t response spammer , u can use report button under the massage , if u report it , it will not affect your response rate , i did it few time , if u sure someone trying to send spam massage for u , u can do it ,


You have to respond only to the initial message and after that no need to respond. If you respond with the above message, it has no effect on their response rate if they do not respond back.

You have to initialize the message and if they don’t respond, then the their response rate gets dinged. But I doubt you want to initialize with a spam message to a new person. It could end up getting you banned.


so sad my dear :frowning: try hard working to increase the response rate


Hahaha alright. I was 98% sure you were joking, but thought I’d still inform you regardless, because of that 2% doubt. :stuck_out_tongue: