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Demoted from level. can I get my account unrestricted?

I got an email from fiverr saying I have been demoted from level one and I do not have level one features due to recent activities…
They also said we would love to see you succeed and truly hope to join them again… But I am confused because my account was redirected, is that how they do when an account is demoted and can they re open the account since I was only demoted…

*Restricted not redirected

No, when you are demoted from Level 1 you go back to having no level, but Fiverr will not restrict your account just because of demotion.

Fiverr restricted your account because of your “recent activities”, which sounds like you broke the rules / Terms of Service. They should have told you in their email why your account was restricted…

So, what were those activities?

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Yeah, always curious to get lesson learnt.

They didn’t tell me why my account was restricted… That was the only message ed I got

That’s really weird - they always say the reasons, even if they are vague (e.g. have they said about engaging in spam activities? or about breaking the rules? they can’t just close an account without reason :wink: )

Not at all… They have never for once warned me about any illegal activities

I understand that, but I was actually asking if they said anything in the email you received about your account being restricted…

Anyway, we can’t do anything here, so I recommend you to contact Customer Support and ask them what you did wrong.


Thanks Everyone!
They have restored my account.

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Fiverr restricted my account for no reason because they couldn’t state any reasons why my account was restricted…my account has been restored. Fiverr should learn to investigate any issue before taking harsh decision.

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I’m glad you were able to get this issue solved.