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Demoted from seller 2 to zero due to buyer's fault


Hi all,
I got two orders from one of the buyer.
I completed job successfully, buyer was happy and gave positive 5 star rating.
After 14 days funds ready for withdraw but I did not withdraw funds.
After 17 days I saw notification from fiverr both orders cancelled and refund.
I contact to fiverr support they said that buyer filed charge-back and buyer said I don’t know what happened.
Well, I agree to fiverr policy, not requesting for money but they can adjust my order cancellation percentage. After few days 15 April on evaluation date I demoted to level 1 from level 2 because order cancellation ratio.
Due to busy month I did not work on fiverr last month so improve few % cancellation rate and again demoted from level 1 to level zero.
I did my hard work and lost the money + promotion due to buyer’s penalty. Now I completely ruined my fiverr services includes impressions even I can not see the buyer’s requests.
Please suggest me what can I do now.
P.S: Buyer’s account is restored and he offer again for work. I am very afraid.
Buyer’s account has no issue then why my account is ruined?


That’s really sad, the least they could have done is adjust the cancellation percentage… :frowning:


Sorry to hear about that.Don’t worry.Everything will be fine


Not much you can do I’m afraid, but your story really shows that ‘the seller is always at fault even when they’re not’ doesn’t work in anybody’s favour.

So the buyer got free work, is able to open a new Fiverr account, and you (the entirely innocent party) lost 2 levels and can’t see buyer requests any more. :frowning::woman_facepalming:



Thanks for motivation but fiverr should have option for manual order cancellation adjustment.


I am 100% agree with you.
Yes, you are right buyer contacted me again from new account.
I am afraid buyer’s original account restored now and he again offer me for work


I hope you told them you wouldn’t work with them again?

If they’ve got 2 accounts, you could report it to CS as all users are only supposed to have 1 account. It probably wouldn’t make much difference, but it would probably make me feel better if I were you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope you told them you wouldn’t work with them again?

Yes I replied, I don’t want work with you.

But question is buyer’s account has no issue then why my account is ruined?


No answer for you I’m afraid, but I completely agree with you, which isn’t much of a consolation. :frowning: