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Demoted to level 1, but sales are on increase

This is really weird. Before I became a level 2 seller, I was getting a lot of orders, but after reaching level 2 status, the orders slowed down. During the last valuation however, I was demoted back to level one due to a drop in my order completion ratings, turns out I like level one better…lol…I know this seems weird but, I almost always have work to do whenever I’m back at level one.


My guess is that a lot of buyers filter for level 1 sellers to find lower rates.


Fiverr should be aware of this fact that when a person reaches level 1 to level, then level one of the course must be given 'if he gets a job, now he should be given two tasks because he is level-2…

Fiverr doesn’t give out jobs. Individual buyers choose who they want to work with.


Don’t know about that because I’m a new seller in Fiverr :grin:
but if you are getting orders more then congrats. Because level or without level everyone needs orders.


Or …


Great you’re getting enough work, though, whatever the reason may be, zubyarchangel.


I was on Fiverr for 6 years and still have same logic with her/him. Level 1 is higher than level 2. Like 1st class and 2nd class.

I’m level 2.