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Demoted to level 1 from front page to last page

Hello Everyone, I’ve been sick for a week last month and got some orders which was late delivered. I was on front page (level 2) after I got demoted to level 1 I have been on the last page.
I really dont understand why they put demoted gig’s on last page and not 2nd or 3rd page.

I have done 6-7 orders on time(some within a day) but my “On-time Delivery” stats doesn’t goes up.


I also don’t understand whats happens with you.

I was Level 2 last month then after the last evaluation I got demoted to level 1. It was because of Late deliveries on the order.
As of now, I am trying to catch up to my “On-Time delivery” statistics but it doesn’t goes up. I have done 7 orders before due date. I don’t know why it does not goes up anymore, I always refresh and view my analytics tab.

And also about the gig, I was on the front page but now after I got demoted. I was on the last page. How can I suppose to catch if they put demoted once on last page right?


According to the CS, your gigs are sent to the last page as a result of poor performance. This thing is relatively new, but it’s definitely here to stay.
There’s no other way to correct the position of your gigs than getting back to the green zone.
In my case, gigs are at the end of the list from January.

You didn’t deliver service that you promised. And I guess it was a lot of late orders because they demote people for this reason only in extreme cases.

Fiver is very competitive so why should they keep your gig on the second or third page if there are a lot other gigs performing much better?


Because they don’t want a seller who delivers late to get many orders when other sellers never deliver late.