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Demoted to Level 1 UNFAIRLY!

Just wow! I just got demoted because a buyer reported me saying I delivered an empty order I actually didn’t do that within my time period I delivered my work to pick one design then to continue work on other dimensions because it was 17 dimensions ad package normally that is how I work but I delivered all of them within 10 hours after the first delivery. even I informed him I would deliver within hours.

I think Fiverr should investigate without pushing DEMOTE button right away when a buyer reported!

On Fiver no matter how hard you work there is no place for that!! I am kind of really upset
Anyway since my performance is topnotch I am getting back Level 2 again on day after tomorrow

Response Rate 99%
Delivered on time 98%
Completion Rate 99%
Ratings 5:star:

just wanted to share the pressure!


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Sounds similar in some ways to this question:

There is no protection for my WORK when I send my work through messages do I have to watermark them by myself??

If I want more time I simply request more time through resolutions center or I let it go LATE! because it is always better to follow rules and get a negative rate. this order is not even LATE! :sweat:

I think the point is that when you ‘deliver’ it has to be the final delivery of files - not an example or a choice etc.


Sorry to hear about what happened to you.

Uuuh, I don’t like to bring lesser news, but are you sure about that? Because level 2 requires 30 days without a TOS violation.
" Days Without Warnings
Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course of 30 day"

I think you will remain level one for the following month.

i had the same issue, however you need to deliver one sample first as a message.



That is not a example I have been doing this for long time END Of the day I delivered my work properly

this system sucks they can get FREE work cancel the order and run away I have been working with lot of clients particular one said GREAT thanks when I said I will deliver in hours after choosing design

FACEPALM!!! Yes you are correct!