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Demoted to level two, I think it's a bug in mob app


Good day
I just updated my iOS app for fiverr
It is showing you are demoted to level two
Whereas I am a level two seller already
Currently my rating is 4.9
Everything rest is 99%
Even the requirements for TRS are fulfilled
Why is it saying so
Is it an error or what?



So I believe it is an error/bug


It would see it is - yes! :slightly_smiling_face:


This seems to have happened to quite a few people. I’m betting it is a bug. Note - not a particularly harmful one from what I can see, so I wouldn’t worry about it. :slight_smile:


right, thank you for updating me bro, feeling relaxed now!


PS: it doesn’t seem to affect the android app.


Ahan!, then it might be a bug in ios app only!


Top Rated Sellers Requirements:

1-Complete at least 180 days as an active Seller on Fiverr
2-Complete at least 100 individual orders (all time)
3-Earn at least $20,000
4-Maintain a 4.8 star rating over the course of 60 days
5-90% Response rate over the course of 60 days
6-90% Order completion over the course of 60 days
7-90% On-time delivery over the course of 60 days
8-Avoiding receiving warnings over the course of 30 days

I Just visited your profile, I think The shortage is in #3

I hope it’s a bug so.


#3 is also been chased please :innocent:


It’s a bug so :slight_smile: Hopefully