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Demoted to Page 3

Hey everyone,

I went fulltime on Fiverr two years ago and literally, spent every waking hour since then trying to improve my gig, increase orders and provide exceptional customer service.

Last week, Fiverr made changes to the platform and when I went to click on my own gig (As I do every now and again), I realised I had suddenly “paused” the Gig by mistake as they had introduced a new feature so that when you hover over your gig, there are now options to click on - hence by mistake, I had clicked pause. Immediately I activated the Gig again.

In two years, I have never gone more than 48 hours without orders or messages but for more than 3 days, I heard nothing. I then searched for my gig but it was nowhere to be found. Having emailed customer service they told me to wait for the gig to be reviewed as this needs to happen when gigs are re-activated.

5 days later (yesterday) the gig was reactivated and it is now near the bottom of page three for both keywords and average customer reviews. CS tell me this is due to their algorithims and that they give preference to sellers with top/frequents reviews.

Thing is, nobody has anywhere near my number of 5 star reviews and neither do they fulfill anywhere near the number of orders I do every few days. I’m not only in a panic over this but extremely annoyed to be thrown into a sandbox having worked so hard for two years to be at the top. For the first time in two years I am not only absent in the top few gigs but absent in the the first few pages and for five days, I have not received a single contact from new customers - something which usually happens several times a day.

Has this happened to anyone else, or anything similar? Would appreciate some advice!



Yeah, my gigs are down as well, and this Feb and March were my highest earning months for over a year and I am booked for the whole of April. Many top performers are down in the search results. Don’t understand it, but don’t care, as I really want a long break starting this May.


Thanks for the reply - I would say this was good to know but actually, I’m desperately hoping it’s temporary!

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There are no certainties in freelancing. This is just the way it is. You have to accept every situation and do your best, and not worry about things you cannot control.


I’m in the same boat. It’s just the usual bullshit you have to face here on Fiverr.

Earliest this year, when my gigs were really trending (all of my gigs were at the first page when I was searching for “Instagram shoutout”), I have started noticing a sudden drop, I went from page 1 to page 3-5 in no time. I’ve asked CS and they told me the same, which makes zero sense. On my best selling gig I was getting an order every single day and they was for one of the higher options always ($15-35), it has 4.9 stars rating and only 1 cancellation in the past 6 months. But in Fiverr’s eyes it’s a terribly performing gig I guess. I’m in contact with an other Instagram shoutout seller who was having 5-6 orders every day, all reviews are positive (100+), he used to be the second place in the search results and now he is behind my gigs on the 5th page. How the hell does that makes any sense?

Funniest thing is that my gig’s space got replaced with gigs that has 0-5 reviews, not having a single ongoing order and if it has reviews pretty much all of them are negative. Even funnier that if I open the phone app and search for gigs with the “High Rating” filter, pretty much all of the results it pops up are either not rated or has terrible 0-1 star ratings.

My monthly income off Fiverr is still increasing every month though, but it’s still really frustrating to miss on a lot of possible customers.


That’s a good thing isn’t it?

Not really, since it’s because I’m getting customers from my own promotion outside Fiverr through Instagram and make them sign up to Fiverr, to purchase my services. In this case it’s pointless to give up on that 20% that Fiverr cuts if they barely make me any sales. I’m in progress of setting up my website where they can order directly from me via PayPal, other than having to go through Fiverr which causes me to lose 20% for no reason. In my eyes, I’m really paying Fiverr that 20% because they provide a platform that can get me customers. But nowadays, I bring more customers by myself than their search engine does.


That’s a good way of doing it, and I’m pursuing it myself to be honest, but I’d rather go through Fiverr at the moment.

It’s a bit like golf really, it doesn’t matter how, it’s how many! Keep doing what you’re doing, it’s obviously working well for you.


That’s awesome, good for you. Initially I was putting time into this but Fiverr was producing so many orders I took a chance focusing on this as almost my only source of income - never a good idea to rely on one source I know but it was really going THAT well.


I fear I can´t contribute any good advice, but I appreciate your post, which is a good reminder of the ‘never rely on one thing’-thing.


Thanks Miiila and yes, even if my gig is reinstated at the top (which I’m sure it will eventually), it’s encouragement to diversify!

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Most important part of pretty much any business. It was going really well for me also until this happened. I’d suggest you to try building an audience on social media sites and while it’s growing it will get you customers for sure. Just did some math and looks like last month I have earned about $800 from customers that I got off Instagram (some paid through Fiverr, some paid directly via PayPal, as clearly not everyone wants to sign up to random sites), which is a huge part of my income. Not trying to brag or anything like that, just trying to give some motivation. Social media always wins in online business.


That’s extraordinary. Well done and yes, I’m both impressed and inspired!

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funny that Fiverr replied that their new algorithm works out this way, I have made a few searches based on different categories and some new gigs popped out top page 1, no ratings, no order made…

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This happened to me too! It is WAY too easy to accidentally pause it!

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BTW not sure what you have been griping about, your “Best Seller” gig is in fact on PAGE 1 of your category. :arrow_down:

Says your user account is no longer available… :confused:

Try it without the “1”.

Your best selling gig is the on the first page of your category, and the first one in the eighth row, with 3 orders in your queue.

You have much better positioning than I do.

Hi misscrystal,

I write travel content and it was Fiverr CS who specifically messaged to say that I was on page 3 (while also outlining the “reasons” for being down there). This was when I posted this thread so apologies, it is not as bad as I first thought. That being said, buyers looking for my kind of content usually search for travel content/writers - for which I was on page 3.

PS. The orders in queue are all my regular customers - I have still to receive an enquiry or new order since the gig was reinstated.

I hope your situation improves :wink: