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Demoting from Level one to No level


Hello there! Happy new year everyone, it’s been a while since I haven’t posted.
My little issue: From a single order which I delivered no more than 24 hours late, my delivery rate dropped from 100% to 88%.
When it happened, soon after the order was completed, it went down to 92-90 or so, but over time it started falling even more, although there were no late order deliveries. The “15th” check happened today and I got demoted. To be honest it didn’t really affect me since I didn’t have more than 7 gigs up, but it’s the calculation of the rates and decision that makes me feel weird about this.
Has anyone experienced the same thing? Thanks a lot!



The %age is based on a proportion of sales over the previous 60 days … so, for example, if you’ve had 3 sales in the last 60 days, one cancelled, that would result in a delivery rate of 66%. Over the 60 days following, the delivery rate will go down to 33% … and then, over time, up to 100% again.

Yeah, it’s a bit complicated … and even then, I’m not sure the algorithm can add or subtract …


Oh, so it counts the amount of orders in that 60 day period… that makes sense. Still sucks to get demoted for a single late delivery. Thanks!


Yes, it does … but there are other places …