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Demotion from Level one to new Seller

So something happened on the 7th of May. I sent a proposal through the buyer’s request, and I explicitly mentioned that before placing an order kindly discuss everything with me to save my time because:
Number 1, I always discuss budget according to the needs, and Number two, to close the gap between the two far apart time zones. It was around 2 am, when the buyer placed an order and pitched in vague requirements. Well, he was from Nigeria, and everything in the requirements didn’t make sense to me because he wasn’t able to convert it properly in the English Language. I asked him to give me all the details as soon as possible because the time limit was 24 hours, yet he did not. He was like, let’s brainstorm on the fly, and I was extremely furious. I was already a Level one seller, and was forced to cancel the order because he wasn’t making any sense; thus, I got demoted on the 15th of May, and since then my impressions, my organic ranking, the clicks went down the drain. I’m getting zero orders, zero messages, and ugh it’s so frustrating.


This is one of the drawbacks from sending lots of buyer requests.
Personally, I evaluate the client before sending a request. It’s just as important that they will be suitable for your services and be good to work with, as it is you providing a service that’s going to be great for your client.
If in the request the buyers English is poor, not very descriptive, wants an unrealistic time frame, or is looking for services far too cheaply, its a red flag; and I avoid like the plague. Unfortunately in cases like this, you can do everything right but because the buyer is such hard work, you either end up cancelling the order or getting a poor review, thus affecting your Gigs negatively.
Fingers crossed for you that you recover quickly :crossed_fingers:

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hope so <3. I have to be cautious from now onwards.

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