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Demotion is bound to happen


So out of curiosity I decided to check how my rating would be affected once someone ordered and when someone cancels. I had I think an 87 or 89% order completion rate. Someone ordered and it went to 91 then 4 more orders and it went to 95%… Then yesterday I had one of those give me the world for 5$ and if you add the moon I will add another 5$. I cancelled the order and my rating dropped to 90%… Which calculator does fiverr use because the formula used is not from this universe.


This is the danger: you know how the message response rate is not accurate half the time?

Now do that on our analytics and make us drop a level due to a bug.


I don’t even count them. I just get them, I just complete the order then on to the next one. I think that fiverr might have set the system so that out of 20 level 2 it demotes 1. Just my thought.


My completion rate goes down with each cancellation but not up if I don’t get any. It’s a one way street.


I agree, they should share the formula of these things!


Yes agree they have to share formula and seller follow to maintain their gig performance…


Lol. My completion rate was 90%, I delivered 4 orders which are yet to be accepted yesterday with 3 orders in queue. I was shocked that my completion rate went down to 89% with no gig cancellations.

Most times you begin to question fiverr calculator.


Ooh I am most definitely getting demoted. No negotiations about that :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hard to tell. The numbers are based on the last 60 days, but when you go to My Gigs, they don’t have a metric for 60 days.


That’s a very good point and a glaring error with this.


This is in fact a serious problem my cancellation rating is only affected my foreign country buyers as well as new users who don’t understand fiverr.


It’s very confusing.

I go to “My Gigs” and see the following:
If I look at 30 days, I have 0% cancellation in every gig.
Last 3 months? 4% cancellation in 2 gigs (2% each)
Last 6 months? 15% cancellations within 4 gigs.

If I go to analytics, I have a 92% order completion rate.

Fiverr is not even showing us how they do the math. I see:

“Maintain a 4.8 star rating, over the course of 60 days”

When do the 60 days start, when they they end? January 14?


I think they decrease the completion rate in linear relationship to your completed orders.

If you had completed many orders simultaneously, then the changes of getting a larger reduction rate due to a cancellation is high.


It may be a good idea to start keeping a calendar to mark dates when you have a cancellation to double check the accuracy of the stats. This is very important. We need to keep records. I hate doing that and I’m sure most people do but it is necessary at this point. We know the response rate is not accurate sometimes.


I always checked Analytics before refunding. Now that I’m at 92% completion rate, I have some wiggle room and I noticed one refund is not going to send me to 91%.

My biggest challenge has been elevating my rating. I’m at 4.7, I’ve had several positive reviews, two negative reviews, but it hasn’t climbed to 4.8 yet, I don’t know when it will happen.


@fastcopywriter I doubt that you will be demoted. They won’t demote TRS automatically.

You have a difficult job creating names people will like repeatedly. The vast majority of your reviews are glowing.

If I looked at your reviews and your record here no way would I demote you.


I’ve only one order cancel and it went from 100% to 85%.


Those new requirements are a horrible idea. So many people are going to lose their levels, despite offering nothing but good service.

At least with me, 99% of cancellations have been due to ignorant buyers that I can’t control (Like “Ordered by mistake, please cancel”), so I assume that’s the case with most other sellers too.

So before making any changes to it, give sellers more protection, like immunity to penalties from “mistake orders”.


I am sure they just count cancelled order. When cancelled order time expire (I mean after 60 days) the rating increase.

I think this is wrong calculation. Even I delivered lots of order after cancellation, the cancellation rate is still same. It should increase after each successful delivered order.

100 order in 60 days.
2 cancellation.
Result is 98%

200 order after cancellation in 30 days
no cancellation
Result is still 98%


I appreciate that, but I’m not so sure. I have plenty of negative reviews. The overall rating of that gig is
Band names: 1447 Reviews 4.6
Restaurant brand names: 12 Reviews 4.5

My other gigs are doing better:
Book titles: 221 Reviews 4.9
Headlines: 437 Reviews 4.9
Teespring: 381 Reviews 5.0
Radio: 292 Reviews 4.9
Emails: 173 Reviews 5.0
Facebook ads: 386 Reviews 4.9

Three of my direct competitors are doing like this:
979 Reviews 4.8
947 Reviews 4.8
823 Reviews 4.9

So while I’ve managed to get a ton of reviews, I’m not doing as well as my competition.