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Demotion of my gigs from first page to last page

hi dudes,
i have been on the first page for the last 2 years, but suddenly, without no offense, my gigs was transfer from the first page to the last page, and i have tried so many way to make it back to the firrt page, but no avail… i will really appreciate if any one could help me on this…

i an graphics design, i work on eCover


Not only you brother, we are many. I have tried reaching customer service but nothing good camen out of it

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and this is making FIVER to loose clients, becuase most of the sellers on the front page are new seller and buyers are not really satisfied with their designs, making them leave less than 5 stars for them… i think FIVERR should look into this before it get out of hand, its just a suggestion thugh

Same here, my main gig transferred from first page to 24 page.

Hey dude,
Its happen because you have cancelled some order on fiverr in 60 days or your performance issues.
I suffered this problem in 2019 because i cancelled 6-7 order late delivery and not response to my clients on time.
My all gigs was back to search after 60 days

[muhammadtalh851] i am not sure its because of that, because my order completion is 100% at the time of demotion

I didn’t cancel and same happened to me

hey bro, now your gig is ranked or you facing the same problem. did you get the reason why that was happening to you