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Demotion! The BEST THING ever happened to me


Today I got my Level 2 Badge Back! and i want to share my Extremely Positive and Optimistic Experience

Last month on St. Levels Day i got demoted to Level One due to the things i had no control over. I was devastated, upset, broken, hurt and Most of all Scared since Fiverr is 80% of my household income. It is indeed my very livelihood and i was scared how will i make the ends meet now.

Same day i got my Lvl.2 Badge taken away from me i had my first negative review after 430 Positive review. I took at as life saying “you needed a signature that your life on fiverr has ended. Here it is”.

I decided to take other options into consideration but none was as convenient as fiverr.

Undoubtedly my order count started dropping massively and i wasnt making any money. and then… I started realizing things that then helped reshape my entire business model. Here are the Lessons i have learned

  1. This may sound funny i use take Fiverr as Eternal Source of Wealth. I get client’s i do some easy tasks and i make delivery. Since Dollar rates are quiet high in my country i was making good money. Simply speaking i took Fiverr For Granted. I took my clients for granted. Even for minor Disagreements i would cancel my order. I purposely avoided pursuing clients that i knew would only spend $5 to $10. All of that was wrong. When i got demoted. Every single Order was a blessing to me and i realized i could have done all that while i was Lvl.2. It helped me realize not to cancel orders and convince my clients to stick with me.

  2. Since i was taking fiverr and my earning so for granted. I would spend it carelessly and on people i didnt even need in my life. I dont want to sound to true dramatic but when alot of people realize that i wont be doing so good they separated their ways with me and it helped me realize who my true friends were and who were only there because i would spend too much on them for no apparent reason. Maybe i just wanted to show off and look cool like tony stark.

  3. It also taught me how to manage my time and how to deliver orders the same day even if it is suppose to be delivered 3 days later.

when i got demoted my stats were 88% and now they are 96%

So my fellows if you just demoted dont feel bad. Think positive and remember to take lessons from it.

PS: I contacted the seller who gave me bad review and agreed on extra work to have him fix it


Careful with that, if Customer Support thinks that you’re bribing the buyer who gave you a bad review, you could get an account warning.


Well i was rather blackmailed. I contacted him to ask what i did wrong and he said he was expecting more images and i told him that i do 34 images in the bought package he said he needed 50. I was so in need him to fix the review that i did 50 Images for him


That can be seen as bribing your buyer to give you a better rating.


Happy for you! Good luck! :slight_smile: