Demotivating or the failure is mine?


I have posted three gigs so far and they are getting impression (don’t know what that means) and clicks but still no order. What is it that I’m doing wrong? I know it takes time to get the first order, but can’t improve without any evaluation, right? Can anyone please see my gigs and tell me what to improve…I would very much appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Besides, seeing some gigs getting featured and I know I can do better, is kind of demotivating me. :frowning: Help me out here please…


I would suggest you hire a copywriter and have them really work up your gig intro. Cheers


try buyers request ! :slight_smile: it worked for me.


Reply to @shinuikha8: I tried… But there’re already too much requests in every posts… dnt know how to position among all :frowning:


Reply to @rabi369: I’m a beginner too ! i keep looking the buyers request every 5 mins 24x 7 ! and try to send an offer before anyone does.

This increases the chances of getting an order.

I know its hard for us :frowning: but there is no other option.

Try focusing on new posts leave the old ones behind.


Reply to @shinuikha8: Thanx mate… That’s what I’m doing now… Hope this might work :slight_smile:


Reply to @rabi369: Hope it works out :slight_smile:


Reply to @shinuikha8: :slight_smile: yea…thanx for the tip and replies… appreciate it (y)


Hi there,

I would go through your gig description with a fine-toothed comb and eliminate any errors - on your first gig I can see a few errors that may turn buyers away because it is a gig promoting academic writing services.

If you are getting clicks (impressions is how many people see your gig, but may not click on it) then people ARE interested in your gigs, but if they are looking for writing services they will be discouraged by errors.

I have a gig promoting proofreading services and I’d be happy to give you some free tips and such to help your gigs. Just send me a message :slight_smile:

rabi369 said: Can anyone please see my gigs and tell me what to improve...I would very much appreciate it.
Don't offer academic paper writing. In most places that's fraudulent. Even if you don't care about the ethics (or law), the fact that you use your own academic status as a selling point doesn't make sense. If you'll cheat for someone else, why would anyone trust your scholarship as being legitimate?

The writing category is flooded and there are more and more academic gigs all the time. If you're a business major, shift the focus of your gigs to business. Sell something you are actually good at!


Reply to @itsyourthing: thank you very much dear… these are the tips I actually needed. Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:


Reply to @marketman: I am not sure if I’m ready to hire anyone yet :frowning:


Reply to @rabi369: You’re welcome.