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Denied gig and not visible in search


I received an email from Fiverr stating

"We are sorry, but your Gig: ‘send you 500 Yahoo Accounts for gsa ser’ did not pass our content editors’ review.

This Gig has been removed due to being flagged as spam, misleading users or illegal."

I was selling created accounts for GSA SER tool Because i saw lot of sellers doing it here. I thought i ll have some sales too. Indeed I got some orders continuously but suddenly this email showed up in my inbox. I want to know isnt GSA SER illegal ? Other thing I just figured out that my other gigs are not visible in search too. Is fiverr not suitable for Social Media Guys?



Why you rant? you should know that you can’t offer this kind of service on fiverr!


Reply to @solow13:

is it only for me? Others can offer same service ? without any deny for longer period?


Fiverr is starting to weed these kinds of gigs out. Therefore, they sellers who are already selling them may get the same message you get… but in due time.

accstore said: Others can offer same service ?
Think of it like a crime. Plenty of people steal, that doesn't make it right and only some of them get caught.

Play with fire and you'll eventually get burned.