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Denied gig... with 4 positive reviews

This is just an awesome side effect of having way to much automation on this site. I started a gig for converting documents. The first sale I made there was an issue with the converted documents. While the buyer and I were discussing a fix, s/he got themselves banned or something. I got the ‘cannot contact this member for privacy reasons’ message. Which worried me because we were in the middle of discussing how to correct the problem.

Fiverr support gave the usual template answer ‘Can’t contact this user. Sorry. Nothing we can do.’ Okay… still have a bad feeling about it but it’s out of my hands right?

So I wake up today and find the gig denied for whatever reason is listed on the template they send out to everyone. Except that every customer since has been perfectly happy with the service. No complaints. No problems.

My mind says that first buyer found a way to get in touch with Fiverr and told them that I wasn’t replying to him and was not willing to fix the issue. But I couldn’t… because Fiverr banned him. That is the only logical reason I can find for this report coming out of nowhere.

Automation sucks. Fiverr automatically banned this person for whatever they did wrong. Clearly didn’t communicate this to the buyer (I kept getting messages from him for a few days after they were banned.) Then when they found a way to get in touch with someone they automatically deny my gig.

I understand you guys are super busy and I don’t mean to sound like a dick but suck it up. If you want to have an international commerce site hire enough people to keep it running right. Don’t just use automation to solve all of your problems. I am sick of getting form letters in response to anything I do. I can clearly tell that whoever sent the message did not read anything I send at all. They look at the category of the request and send out the template response to that. Only if I start complaining after that does someone take the time to actually read and see what’s going on.

Terrible, terrible, terrible.

I know Fiverr doesn’t care one bit about one seller or buyer. They care about the masses. But one by one people are getting sick of the crap. Stop investing in crap and start investing in the actual quality of the site. Or it will die. (I’m sure Myspace thought that all the people leaving was just a fluke and they would be fine in the end too.)