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Denied gig without a clear reason

Hello, so my gig has been denied and this is the reason picture attached

Actually I don’t really provide anything unauthorised or illegal, I just provide a proofreading and editing gig as a lot of other sellers do.

What should I do? is an edit enough in my gig? or shall I contact “help center”?

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Did you have any inferences that you would proofread someone’s thesis, homework, essay, academic paper etc in your Gig? If so, this is why it was denied. That sort of Gig is not allowed. Proofreading IS OK.



“Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers”

The above is listed as a violation in the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. Fiverr is removing such gigs.

Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service as a violation can risk your account.

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CS told me that it is not against TOS to proofread thesis and dissertations but not any other academic work.

There are many gigs for proofing Medical Essays for entrance to med school; I was approached to proof some. However, when I checked with CS, they told me I could lose my account if I did the job. I told the client it was against TOS, and they said okay, and I thought that was that.

Then in about an hour, I got a message from the buyer saying he was upset that I had reported him to CS, and he had done nothing wrong. Then he blocked me before I could explain I had not informed him but merely asked if the service was against TOS.


Do you have any idea about if I can edit the gig and let it active again? or I only have one option and it’s to delete it?

No I didn’t and that’s why I wondered why they denied it in the first place, and I KNOW THAT PROOFREADING IS OKAY.

create a new one perfectly with following all issue .

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Don’t worry I carefully red it before and read it again, my gig wasn’t providing any academic work.
It’s still weird for me.

Yeah I’m planing to, even though the reviews will be gone and the number of orders that it was done too.

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However ! that does not fact main issue is keeping alive your account.

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Agree, but still there was nothing wrong with it and I didn’t do anything wrong too, I follow terms always.
It still weird, I will contact the CS probably.

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The reviews will still remain on your profile.

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It will be shown for which specific gig?
Some buyers trust a gig with previous orders more than none, they are afraid to be the first buyer.

The reviews will still be shown in the total under your profile image.

There is a part about “gig denied” in this article:

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Exactly unfortunately, thank you for the link!

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Using the word essay could get your gig denied

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Yeah, I noticed somehow.
Thank you,

It doesn’t matter if it’s unauthorized or illegal. This is a matter of policy. This violates Fiverr’s policy and you don’t get a free pass to break policy just because something isn’t unauthorized or illegal.

“without a clear reason” – No, Fiverr was VERY clear and this would be even more apparent to you if you read the ToS, which you agree to when you register with Fiverr.

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You should modify your description and try to explain it in a different way.

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He can do that, but he also needs to eliminate any mention of essays and academic work.

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