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Denied gig


Fiverr denied my gig. It was active for over 3 months, with 50 reviews. How can i activate it again. And change the gig?

I can only delete the gig.


I’ve never had a gig denied before. There’s most likely a specific reason for the denial. What was your gig about?

That’s a shame but maybe it was breaking some rules. What was the gig?

I think you should ask support, they will be the best person to assist you from there. Best wishes.

I recieved a email with this:

"Images are crucial to attracting buyers. Please make sure that your image is:

  • Minimum: 550 pixels wide and 370 pixels high so that it fits the full frame
  • clear, sharp and in good focus (not blurry, pixelated, too dark or washed out)
  • represents the service you are providing
  • original, meaning that you own the copyrights to it (either a photo you took or created yourself, or have a license to)

    We noticed that your Gig is in the wrong category/subcategory. In its current location, you are getting irrelevant traffic to your Gig. You should think about what category/subcategory your buyers will be searching to find services like the one you are offering.

    If you aren’t sure where your Gig should be, take a minute to search for Gigs similar to yours on Fiverr, see what category the best selling ones are in."

    They didn’t say anything over how to edit your gig, or if it’s deleted.

is there now way to edit my gig?

Reply to @truck_pictures: Yes. Go to “my sales” > “my gigs.” You can edit everything there.

Reply to @truck_pictures: It could be that they are not going to let you re-activate that one again becaue you may have broken some copy right laws, or purposely putting it somwhere that it does not belong, but they were giving you advice on what to do to create a new gig.

Are you going to tell us what kind of gig it was? Were all your samples/photos your own images?

Reply to @kjblynx: My gig was suspended by Fiverr last year until I removed the apparently copywrited word “Hollywood.” Not sure if this is the same sort of situation but by the sounds of it, Fiverr is giving the OP a chance to change it

hello, first must be follow fiverr term guidelines and then post any gig with right category and also must be use clear images as per your copyright…

and then see result its never be banned… Most important follow TOS in fiverr.

same happened for me i am lost i don’t know what to do

You are replying 4 years later. Our moderators don’t like to see old posts resurrected.If you need to create new topic .You can create easily …

Very new I guess you were not following Fiverr terms and services. It depends on the services you are offering. For instance let’s say you are a writer on essays and articles, but you did an assignment for a student still in school, that would warrant Fiverr to denie your gig immediately. Some times people are been warned before their gigs are been denied, but you might not be that lucky. In a situation were by your gig video doesn’t meet Fiverr requirements, can also cause gig denial.

I am really sorry I’m just not in the right mindset after being declined

You can start your own thread with questions if you need help @thathypeguy