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Denied gig

I got this e-mail today!

"Hi escape_,

We are sorry, but your Gig: ‘create a explainer video for your business’ did not pass our content editors’ review.

Your Gig was removed due to a third party copyright violation. Please ensure you sell services where you either own or validly license the copyrights.


I have doen this video for a client, for his business on web! Whom is own the copyrights me or him? I put up this video cause it was a gig i have doen and why not to share this to other buyers? What is the problem with Fiveer and should i send a new video with the text: I have doen this video gig and my name???

Perhaps you used copyrighted music in your video. If you don’t own the copyrights to the music, graphics, video clips, artwork dialogue, etc in the videos that you produce, then you will probably get emails like this. Be sure to create all the video content yourself, or purchase a license to use it – do not copy or download it from the internet.

If you use content that you did not create, or that you do not have a license for, then, yes, you would be in violation of copyright law.

I am the one who did the animation all contents is mine, drawings, artwork, graphic and music, by a license. I have not copyed anything from Internet!

If you made a video for a client in a fiverr gig, shouldn’t that video be in the live portfolio of your gig? Did you turn that option off?
Are you saying you’re trying to make a new gig and put the clients video in the portfolio there?

I had the gig in my live portfolio yes but did not turned that option off. No I do not a new gig of that, but the idea is his for his business and that i try to get an answer…Is an idea protected by copyrights laws or has he any patent of his idea? I am not sure about this…I wrote to the customer service and waiting for an answer.

You might also be using a software to create your videos without paying for a license, or whose license doesn’t allow commercial reselling.
Probably, it’s not a Fiverr thing, but a third party that has reported you.

Yes its right i using a software but i pay license for that and it allows me the rights to use the videos for commercial purposes for my own business. When i put up a gig and i did it with the software i use it for my business only. So what is the issue?

I’d say your best bet is to contact Customer Support and ask them what the copyright infringement is exactly and discuss the matter with them. :slight_smile:

Yes its the software owner i use their software for composing Explainers. They claimt about the copyright transfer fees. If I have any customer who buy a video from me i have to charge $79 from my client! So what will the Explainer video cost for my client? My work and then the transfer rights fee. That will be more then $ 100 for a 30 secs explainer video for the client. My clients will run away to sellers who is cheaper…omg!

Reply to @dashingcovers:
I agree maybe it is the buyer who has been protesting over the content also his script in the video?

Reply to @escape_:
Ah, I think I understand the problem. Basically, their license only applies to you, and therefore they want payment because you’re trying to use the program with a client. The client doesn’t have the license because he/she didn’t pay for the software, and that’s where the $79 comes in. So the software developers are basically wanting you to pay them the cost of the license to cover your client. Am I correct?

Reply to @dashingcovers: Yes its true and its correct…I paused all gigs i had up, cause i cant pay so much money when buyers runing away cause the price i need to rise, the price. I know the company is “hunting” sellers like me to get in lost fees, even here on Fiveer or in another marketplaces. I wrote that to customer service and a suggestion, why they not doing the same like with Stock Image. But they did no answer. Fiveer saying i can put up my gig again…nothing more!

Reply to @escape_: That’s unfortunate to hear. I hope you will still have success with other gigs. :slight_smile: