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Denied gigs after selling

This is the second time my gigs was denied after few week… The first time I was able to sell my gigs then it was denied, and the buyer could not give me a positive feedback because my sale has been removed from the site.

Many other fiverr users selling the same thing, and I don’t seem they have any problems seeing their feedback, and the text of my gigs are very similar.

this are the text of mail:

[quote]This Gig was removed following a third party complaint claiming your Gig is infringing upon their intellectual property rights and/or violating their terms of use and/or misleading consumers and has been removed as per our Terms of Service.
As a member of the Fiverr community, we ask you to respect the broader Internet community and refrain from such violations in your Gig offerings.
For more information please read our Terms of Service[/quote]

So what happens?if I have to change a few words why I not told me me what is wrong? Why when I can change something, everything is erased?? I don’t think is fair.

You have used something without permission.
It could be your profile picture, did you create that yourself? Without more details it is difficult to know what it could be. The solution is to only use material that you personally have created and written.


thanks for the reply,

this is googlecache of my first deleted gigs
the only image i use its a simple steam logo and from what I know anyone can use it (other similar gigs use it too)

I proceeded to change the picture profile… if it was the profile picture the problem, it would be unbelievable, it can be changed any time, so why delete the gigs?

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I have looked at the cache and I suspect the problem is because you are offering 5 star reviews on a site in exchange for money. No companies like that and many are active in preventing this from happening, Google search “Amazon fake review scandals”. Fiverr had serious issues related to sellers offering fake reviews and have clamped down on the type of reviews that can be offered.
My first comment is still valid however, you should only use content that you own, created or have permission to use - anything else is risky.

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Thanks for your help eoinfinnegan.

There are more seller in fiverr (level2 seller too) who offer the same thing… like and there is many other who sell a review on fiverr.
I admit, the first time i copied the text from other fiverr user (google cache its too old) but after few day I edit it, using original text.
I’ll try to make a new gigs, because I believe there is not a way to reopen the old one…
if someone has something different to say, don’t hesitate to help me.

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Other people just haven’t been caught by a complaint yet. It is very unlikely you can reactivate the denied gigs. If you make new ones that are the same (like selling paid reviews) you have a good chance of being banned.

He’s got another one now.

Is it allowed to use Steam logo for commercial purposes?

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As @fonthaunt says, they just haven’t been caught yet.
Personally I hope they all get caught and the gigs removed. I also would like to see people banned for doing the same thing again. Fake reviews make a mockery of their purpose and deliberately mislead people in buying things. I can’t stand it to be honest. I suggest you remove your new gig and focus on doing something more positive instead.

I just experienced the same thing and created a topic to that effect. Why can’t fiverr simply state what has been breached so that people won’t repeat the same mistakes again? It doesn’t make any sense at all.

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I’ve just had one of these after selling the same gig on fiverr for around 18 months. I went to support and asked them to look into it. I got an email about an hour later to say it had been restored.

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Possibly because some people use it to circumvent the rules. For example, if selling likes/followers/subscribers isn’t allowed, they rephrase it to something like “I will promote your page/account/whatever”, and keep selling the same stuff they shouldn’t be selling.

It’s up to the sellers to ensure that they sell only something that they have the right to sell, and that they’re not breaking any rules or violating a third party’s Terms of Service by selling whatever it is they’re selling.

In your specific case, I don’t know what was denied, but your profile states that you write reviews. Paid reviews are against the Terms of Service of most websites, so they’re not allowed.

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