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Denied - moved from another user post


HI I GOT DENIED TOO. It is pretty annoying that I am not allowed to go in and modify it, I seem to be able only to delete it. So this could take hours because I have only a few ideas as to why it was denied to keep doing trial and error when they ought to be giving a reason is my gripe.

So I am here to ask if I am allowed to use a logo of third party and use a link in the description?

I offered to curate a product review on style review and youtube, I had the youtube logo on one of my images, but I think I saw that on many gigs before.

I don't understand why my Gig was denied? :(

Yep just tried and spend another 7 minutes on a new listing it was auto removed as spam!
Is there someone working who can help? This is automated stuff so I think it is not to do with TOS.


review gigs and research writing gigs are not allow on fiverr. if your denied gigs are related to these.


May I know what makes you say that? Just because it is automated doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the ability to remove Gigs which are violating ToS now does it?

Are you suggesting that it is not possible to design a program/bot which is capable of identifying certain trends/make certain observations from what it sees and act on it? In recent times, we have even been able to harness the power of machine learning to a great extent.


Anything which includes the word ‘review’ seems to be getting denied.

The YT logo wouldn’t help mind you.


Well I have seen a lot of people offer review curation so that is interesting. Thanks for the info.


Because it happened like immediately, could not have been someone even seeing it. It looked automated like a spam bot.


Am happy to get rid of the logo, review could have flagged up a spam bot I suppose. This is entirely different to getting people to post fake reviews I might add, that case I could see being something fiver don’t want. I will try not using that word.


Yes, it is automated. There is no denying that. Like @offlinehelpers said, the bot is designed to look for specific words, contexts, and such and then, it makes a snap decision.

If you think that it was unfair and that – despite not violating any of the Fiverr ToS (I recommend that you thoroughly comb through and understand each and every sentence in the ToS first), your gig was denied, then I’d suggest that you contact CS for them to manually vet your gig.