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Denied & Removed from search


This is my story.

Before 2 weeks everything was ok since I added a new gig. The gig got denied for reason cause other person had the same gig. As I see, there are milions same gigs. Don’t know why this happened only for me, I can prove that with screenshots if it needs.

So I was removed from search.

No orders no nothing.

Fiverr is the only that left to me to work.

I contacted the support they told me that I’m free to submit new gigs to be viewed by their editors. That’s ok but why my other gigs are removed from search too? They are OK, they had awesome rating…

Please tell me what should I do next.


Hey kraashy,

I’m sorry about your dilemma. It’s weird that your new gigs are being turned down. I would suggest creating a new account perhaps, I think support would not mind it too much since you seem to be having troubles in this account. Worth a try.

There are also other online gig services you can offer your talents to. Just do a simple google search of sites similar to fiverr.

Cheers, and please check out my gig if you have the time. It would be especially of great service if you are into social marketing.

Thanks Cyknight!

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