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[Denied] What's Wrong with Spiritual&Healing category?

Hello, please help me feel less “stupid” about my gig denied.

Maybe it is cause i am not level 2 or Top Seller here but my distant healing service created in february is no more “Appropriate” here? Here is the Support response that i still don’t understand

I am sorry to tell you that services such as providing medical advice, healing, therapy services, offering to be a buyer’s doctor/psychologist/therapist, or offering pharmaceutical consultation, are not allowed on Fiverr’s platform, whether you are a doctor or not.

I told before that i am not doctor i am energetician, like the hundreds gigs with Reiki healers not denied (??)

My gig titile was similar this gig not denied…
I will send powerful distant energy healing using reiki (top rated)
My description was similar this gig not denied (level 2)…
I will remove energy blocks and balance your chakras

Don’t promise anything that can be interpreted as outcomes.

Promising “healing” is an outcome; promising to send “distant Reiki energy healing” is not.

Since “energy blocks” and chakras both come under the heading of “not proven”, no outcome is promised.

Adjust what you’re promising and you should be ok …

… and @rachel_poyel - you already asked this question and were answered. Please don’t create repeat posts