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Dentists are Pure Evil

This is a non-Fiverr rant, but I need to let it out.

8-years ago, I was in agony with toothache. Living in Scotland at the time, I did what normal people do and went to the dentist. They told me that I needed a root canal to drain a nasty infection. I believed them, as I could actually feel the infection in my face. - Not pleasant.

There was just one problem. Dentists are expensive and the price I was quoted was eye-watering. Then I had a stroke of luck. My boss at work at the time told me that she’d had the same problem but had cured herself by accident, by taking a course of antibiotics that she had been prescribed for something else.

At the time, I had a first-aid travel bag chock full of antibiotics that I’d picked up in Egypt. (I’d had food poisoning like a lot of people get when traveling, and pharmacies in Egypt sell antibiotics over the counter.) 4-days later and I was completely pain-free. - And I’ve stayed this way until a few days ago.

Now, to say I have a toothache at present is an understatement. Even the left side of my face is swollen. As it’s the same pain from years ago and in the exact same place, off I went this morning to the doctor to see if I can get a prescription for antibiotics. To my surprise, they said no.

As I have a tooth problem, the doctor told me that I’d need to get a prescription from the dentist. No problem (I thought) and so off I went to the dentist.

By the time I got there, it was hard to open my mouth wide enough for him to conduct an examination. However, after poking around and zapping me with an Xray, he came to the same conclusion as my old dentist years earlier. - I need root canal surgery. Then he quoted me an appalling price.

Saying I couldn’t afford it, I asked if he could just take the offending tooth out and/or prescribe antibiotics. To my horror, he said no. The best he can do is prescribe me super strong pain killers.

To me, this makes zero sense. His excuse for not pulling my tooth is that it is relatively healthy. In this case, it’s his way or the highway, even if this means I have to suffer in agony until I can afford surgery.

Thankfully, I have managed to take the edge off myself now my guzzling 2-liters of apple cider vinegar mixed with water, in the hope that this helps fight the infection. I’ve also managed to get some activated charcoal which I keep packing around the offending tooth to try and draw out the infection. It’s all pretty much me playing things by ear, but I can now almost open my mouth fully, and this wasn’t possible this morning.

While doing this, I’ve also managed to buy some of the same antibiotics I last used when I had this problem online. All that is left now is for me to hold on until they arrive.

Really, though, I shouldn’t have to go to these lengths just because a dentist refuses to accept $400 to pull a tooth, because they want $1K more to drill a hole through it and suck out a blooming infection that may well return afterward. - It’s like being held hostage.

On top of all that, why are dentists so expensive? I could literally have just broken my leg and got fixed up for less than I’ve already paid today for an appointment and head Xray. (Though granted, this would be different in some other places.

All that said, not being able to chew looks like it might help put an end to my fat phase. In this case, I guess there is always a bright side. :slight_smile:


If you don’t have any at home, see if your shopping haunts have cloves in their spice offerings, most if not all supermarkets here have them. The aetheric oil in there is slightly numbing. You place it where it hurts most and leave it there for a few minutes, repeat as needed. It won’t heal the issue, of course, but might help you over by reducing the pain.

My current dentist is wonderful, btw, but I’ve had a pure evil one when I was a kid, he shouldn’t have been allowed to treat kids, or even talk to kids.


Yeah, I actually have a shopping list now that has cloves, oregano oil, and sesame oil on it, among other things. Sadly, this means spending a day in the city hunting around several different places that aren’t always open. This morning I had to get up at 6am to get to the city in time to get to the doctors first thing and get back in time to deal with a boat load of orders.

My next free day looks like it might be Friday, but even that’s pushing it. Thanks for the tip, though!


I feel your pain - or at least, have, in the past.

{{{very gentle long distance virtual hug}}}

Oil of cloves is good for pain relief as Miiila said, as is dissolving soluble aspirin (if you can take it) in a very little water and holding it over the offending part for a while, then swallowing it.

Chicken soup with lots of garlic - about 3 bulbs. Don’t peel them, just chuck them in and boil them up.


I used to hate them in childhood. USSR dentists was not a joke :grimacing::see_no_evil:

Some even drilled holes in a completely healthy teeth.

But a last couple of years I feel less stressed. Now I have an insurance that is covering most of the cost (or all of it) and technologies now are quite advance that I almost don’t feel any pain.

But I’m surprised that both dentists declined to prescribe you antibiotics. :woman_shrugging: I know they have KPI’s but this is a bit too much.


My mom has been in a similar situation. The doctors suggested Root Canal Surgery. Here it’s cheap. Like less than $50 and she did it and it’s been great since then. The thing is she checked with multiple doctors but every doctor has its suggestions and the way to treat the issue. One of the doctors messed up, he was slow and gave a lot of pain so she switched the doctor and the next one was the best. She was gentle and much smoother.

Since like past 1 year I have been facing multiple issues with my lower wisdom tooths and the doctor gave me a medication to stop the pain and I have to do the surgery in the coming months.


I’m pretty sure its my upper wisdom tooth that is the cause of my problem. It’s not infected. However, it puts pressure on the other teeth and one tooth in particular. This is why I’d really just like the thing taken out.

That is incredible. My long-term plan for having major dental work done is to have it done in Hungary or Turkey. There are also a few cool clinics in the Czech Republic where they custom 3D print crowns for a comparable cost to what I would pay for a couple of fillings. All I need is a translator.

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But you can insist, can you not? (A genuine question).

I went with “let’s save the tooth” route once. After two months of pain and semi-competent medical care, I just went in and told them to remove all of my wisdom teeth (post-USSR dentistry still considered wisdom teeth something worth fighting for until around 2009-2010) and quit torturing me. They looked disappointed in my life choices but complied.

(I’m sorry, I’m responding specific users instead of the whole topic today, I have no idea why. I meant to respond to the entire post.)


You have no idea how much I tried insisting. I also have all of my original teeth. Even the dentist was surprised by this, so it’s not like I’d miss one.

He insisted that I need a root canal and could not remove the tooth as it is healthy. It is also obvious that the infection has spread as I have pain and swelling all up to my cheek. Just leaving me like this is not just odd, it’s dangerous.

He even told me that the reason I am in so much pain is because the root of my tooth is full of infection puss but my tooth itself is acting like a stopper making it all build up inside with nowhere to go. Its LOGICAL to remove the blooming tooth!

Thankfully, I am feeling quite a bit better. - No thanks to Dr. Evil.

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I had my wisdom teeth pulled due to repeated infections around them when they first came in. It’s a routine thing to do here. I would try to find a dentist willing to pull it. Wisdom teeth are expendable. The only possible exception is if you have no molars to chew on besides that one.

In many people the wisdom teeth are so far back that continuing infections are going to happen. Over the eons of evolution, the human jaw has become smaller so those teeth are too crowded.


I’m actually against pulling wisdom teeth. To me the fact that wisdom teeth come in later is a sign that they are (possibly) meant to replace worn down molars. They’re newer and stronger, and if you remove the molars in front which are the most heavily used, they migrate into their positions. - At least, that’s my non-dentist theory.

With me, its the second molar in front of the wisdom teeth that is the problem. It even feels like it is pushed down lower like if given time, it might pop itself out. I’d rather it was gone and my wisdom teeth had a party with the extra gum real estate. - Plus I don’t like pulling out body parts that are referred to as wise.

If wisdom teeth were just called big extra molars, it would be fine. That they’re actually classified as bony stubs of wisdom makes me feel a little more apprehensive about giving them up to the tooth fairy just yet.

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We replace worn molars with crowns made from hi-tech materials. I had non stop infections around my wisdom teeth, so had them removed and never missed them. As I said, wisdom teeth are left over from an ancient time when our jaws were much larger so there was room for them without the gums around them being squeezed and food hopelessly trapped back there. It’s normal to remove them. No one here has them unless they have the larger jaws of our ancestors.

Those are nasty infections near the ear and sinuses. They can make you extremely ill and recur frequently.

Here no dentist would refuse to pull a wisdom tooth with repeated infections.


It sounds like a deliberate attempt to scam you out of money at this point. Maybe they’re waiting for you to sell your kidney and crawl back to them to let them do whatever they want to. I don’t understand the entire situation and how it works where you are but I’d look for another dentist if at all possible. This one’s just a sadist.

I thought healthcare was free in the UK?

Either way, you should have gotten the root canal. Ignoring dental problems doesn’t make them go away, it creates bigger problems, your teeth might fall out.

As for the price, why not get an installment plan? Use a credit card? Or do some medical tourism. A lot of people are going to Mexico, India, Costa Rica, and other countries to get their medical needs met.


A root canal will only remove the pain, not the infection. They can put medicine down into the root and it will be a temporary fix but will probably recur since the real issue is trapped food particles under the gums. Root canals are for things like deep cracks in teeth usually causing pain or things irritating the nerve. The tooth should simply be pulled. I agree that any dentist advocating a root canal on a wisdom tooth that is infected is a scammer.


I’m in Canada and they pull our wisdom teeth out by age 18. It was awful but it’s done.I have an affordable dentist who tries to save a tooth first before doing a root canal. I hope you feel better soon!


I had a dentist pull out all four wisdom teeth and it took ten minutes each or less. I felt nothing. He elevated them out. No pulling at all. Basically he loosened then pried them out.

It might be a bit bizarre but having teeth pulled has been one of the most positive experiences I’ve had with the healthcare system.

I was in constant pain for weeks while we were “saving the tooth”, then poof! - 2 minutes, 2 painkiller pills later I no longer had a problem and could sleep at night again.

They started to advocate for wisdom teeth removal fairly recently where I’m from and I wish I’d get rid of mine sooner. The amount of money and discomfort it ended up taking wasn’t that great.


I’m always amazed when I hear that in Europe dentistry is not too in line with modern methods. Frankly it seems outdated. We would have to go back to the early 1800s to think leaving wisdom teeth in would be a good idea. I’ve looked at pictures of European dental work online and it’s shocking. I don’t know if it’s that way everywhere but… well, it’s bad, the pictures I’ve seen of it. Even something as simple as amalgam fillings are incredibly bad. And they seem to think those pictures show excellent work. The fillings don’t even line up to the edge of the hole in the tooth.

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There is a surprising number of people who are still convinced that they chew with their wisdom teeth, for instance.