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Deny a request to buyer, instantly reported my account


So i’m used to getting stupid messages, as im sure everyone on here is, but i gotta say this one really takes the cake. I was messaged by the user with them requesting that instead of working our gig plans out in the messages, i text him. I of course declined, mostly out of respect for the ToS, but partially because, um no i dont want some strange guy to have my phone number (not that i even own a phone) After that he starts harassing me on why i havent given him my number, I respond to him “If you dont have any further questions regarding my gigs then please dont waste my time.” Instantly he becomes irate and starts insulting me, i ask him to stop messaging me. and the next thing i know i have an email telling me that my account has been reported. Is this a common thing that happens on here, or did i just win the lottery on crappy people?


Yes, some people have this happen. Guys will try to get your number. But if someone aks you more than once for it, and keeps bothering you, you should be the one to put in a note to customer service, simply saying, such and such user is continuing to contact me and asks for my phone number. Then do not reply and tell people they are wasting your time, that wasn’t professional and probably set him off to try and mess with you. NOt that I don’t understand, but when it comes to Fiverr, always, always keep your messages professional and take the high road no matter what any buyer says to you. Even if they start screaming and writing curse words, reply politely or for the future just turn them over to support and do not reply.

Sorry it happened to you, it does happen now and then. If it happens often, then you may want to take a look at your gigs and make sure everything is written up clearly.


You know it happens, it happened to me a few times when I was really frustrated at a toxic customer, you just have to beat him to the punch at customer support.

Here is some advice:

  1. If that happens again, let them know you have been flagged before, for even just having the conversation and that you don’t give your personal number out because of your reasons and fiverr customer support and let them know if the conversation continues you will have to get customer support involved to mediate the situation.

  2. Whatever this guys agenda is, stay away from wording that states “waste my time” and try to say it like this "I know you time is important, as mine, so I suggest we mediate this situation through customer support.

  3. Message customer support, apologize to them if you lost your cool and spoke dirty words to your customer, it happens, then tell them it was a mistake and that the guy was asking to break policy. The issue will be noted in your account if it happens again but as long as there is a clear explanation you shouldn’t have a problem.

    OFF Topic but I had to ask you…

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Reply to @sincere18: you beat me by 1 min to be the first to respond. :slight_smile: but yes good advice. :slight_smile:


So maybe you didnt know this just saying you could click on the report button in your message, because thats what I had to do. Hope you dont have to encounter anymore like that again and hope your account was resolved.


Always be polite to your customers even when they don’t deserve it. I’ve had my share of rude “I’m the King of the world” customers too, but you need to remember that you are being polite for the sake of your business.

I know it sounds unfair, but that is the nature of any business. Not just at Fiverr, but in any kind of business venture online and offline.


BTW: My personal experience with Fiverr CS, is that they have always been helpful and fair when they see that a customer is being rude and my replies are polite and respectful. Keep that in mind and you will do just fine.


Hi @beccadex,

This sounds stressful, and like the other Sellers who have commented here, I’ve had my fair share of toxic and disrespectful customers, too. I agree with everyone about being polite, NO MATTER what, but I also have another tip for you.

Once an exchange begins to make you uncomfortable (such as this), an easy way to prevent the Buyer from saying anything else to you is to click the “report” button. This should be reserved for an instance where the Buyer is behaving inappropriately or trying to violate the TOS, but in your situation this would have been completely appropriate for you to report.

If you have trouble finding the “report” button, just peek at your conversation in the inbox with your seller. The button is always located in the bottom-right area below the other person’s last message to you.

Hopefully this will help save you some future aggravation!


Reply to @david388: Ive had issues with the report button not actually stopping them from messaging me in the past, and it didnt seem to work for this encounter either. Not sure if it was just an issue with the server, or what, but it just doesnt seem to work for me.


Reply to @joeyperezwest: I had worded it slightly better in the initial messages, i could see him getting irritated that i had mentioned being busy and my time wasnt to be wasted (i was getting ready for a comicon where i was a guest, i had a lot on my mind) I shouldnt have been so brash i guess, but i really dont have time to tell someone the same thing 30 times.


Reply to @joeyperezwest: oh and on the cosplay thing, I pretty much pick any character i like. If you have a character you love then do it! Like i love Yoko, her character is strong and helped me cope with losing a close friend so it made sense to cosplay her. You can always do variants, like at my last con i sat on a panel for steampunk crossovers, where i design my own costumes for characters i already love, in steampunk attire.


As soon as I get a message from a buyer that violates Fiverr TOS, I politely tell the buyer it is against Fiverr TOS to xxxxxx. I don’t discuss my gig, I don’t elaborate, I simply state it is against their TOS.


I operate the same way Steve does. Except, most of them ask me to contact them after they have ordered.

I let them know that it’s against fiverr’s TOS and we can keep all communication on fiverr.


Reply to @beccadex: thanks for that. I’m sorry for your friend. My condolences. I love steampunk artwork, never knew they had attire! crazy!