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Depressed level 2 seller, gigs deranked since june

I joined Fiverr last year but was giving my fullest from march 2020. I got my first order from the buyer’s request section and then became a level 1 seller in May 2020. I was getting daily orders and then in the third week of June 2020, I changed tags of 3 of my 5 gigs, and my gigs were showing up on the first page. I was happy until my gigs vanished within a day. After 5 days, my gigs came back and are still on the last page, the last line since then. I tried everything, changed tags, description thumbnail, still sending buyer’s requests. Still no hope. I was thinking to contact top sellers for outsourcing, but I think it’s not a good idea. I was a level 2 seller but right now I am on level 1. I was depressed that’s why using this as my last hope

Need help.
URL to my profile :